And The Next Pick Of Awesome Penny Stocks Is…..

Who knows but them. Speculation surrounds three penny stocks we covered already: Pazoo Inc. (PZOO), Global Stevia Corp. (GSTV) and Georgetown Corp. (GTCP). Since Monday, speculation has been looming around the message boards of some of the APS sites sending out an alert, but not all of them receiving one yet. Whatever is their next penny stock pick, it seems that, above the already legal issues, some  technical issues are going to need to worked out as well.

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Alerts began flying from the message boards yesterday about the possibility of a pick release and how all those interested should rush themselves to their nearest internet portal and resubscribe in case they miss the boat. Yet, for those who have gone to one, two or all of the affiliate sites for a re-sub, many have received the email confirm from YMLP: Your Mailing List Provider. However, the redirect to the APS site affiliate is not as professional as one would expect from a group that can bring a 0.07 stock up to 1.72 over a two month course.

Keep your eyes and ears open as, chances are, it could be one the following which have not been active as of late in fear of the front load dumping:

PZOO Stock

Currently priced at 0.271 having traded just 51,530 shares Tuesday, PZOO is the highest on the watchlist of the three. The latest news came out on Friday when Integrated Capital Partners, Inc. converted 200,000 shares of Pazoo Series A Convertible Preferred Stock into 2,000,000 shares of Common Stock.

GSTV Stock

Currently priced at 0.62 having traded just 23,571 shares Tuesday, GSTV recently changed its symbol over from GRUH. The latest news, other than the symbol change which became effective Monday, was an 8-K filing which Global Stevia Corp. details the reasons why they chose Vietnam as their base.

GTCP Stock

Currently priced at 0.35 having not had one share traded Tuesday, GTCP appears to be the best candidate due to its share structure and previous ties to Mackie Barch, CEO of Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK). The latest news from Georgetown Corp. was back in June when they announced that, through their wholly-owned subsidiary Synergy Oil Tool & Supply LLC, had completed their first sale for roughly $100,000 worth of oil field products.

Bottom Line: One of these three penny stocks, PZOO, GSTV, GTCP, could very well be the next pick from Awesome Penny Stocks. Then again, we all saw it when traders scrambled for the successor to SNPK how those stocks got killed which, coincidentally, all happened to have ties anyway to the “Big Kahuna”.

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