DiMi Telematics Lowers Outstanding Shares, Increases Pump

Shares in the penny stock of DiMi Telematics International Inc. (OTC: DIMI) were all over the place as they were dumped on to the OTC Market Thursday. DIMI stock price began the trading session with a dump of 20,000 shares at $1.02 16 minutes after the market open. One hour and thirty minutes later, DIMI share price was at the HOD, $1.12, with volume of 2.1 million. From there it was a slide until 3:26pm to the LOD, $0.53 before a rally brought the pump and dump to its closing price of $0.835, a gain of 57.55% from the LOD. To encourage momentum for Friday’s session, the Company announced the retirement of 100 million shares by one of their pump and dump founders.

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Surely the following comment is going to get to the Company which may affect the facts. However it is so fascinating to see these million dollar pump and dump scams come to life for technology companies with designer websites where (a) no internal links go anywhere except the investor relations page, including the social media links, (see here) and (b) they have a “round number” of “Likes” (see here) or “Followers” that are all Justin Bieber Fans.

One thing for sure, although not yet confirmed, is that the DIMI stock pump will likely be a hard mailer pump. One source already being linked in message board posts is www.dimireport.com which touts DIMI to the point of stating:

Get in now and every $5,000 you invest could grow to $20,000 over the next 12–24 months. And if the company is acquired by one of the industry giants (as I think it may), your $5,000 could turn into much, much more.

The funniest part of the share reduction which reduces the outstanding shares from 427.72 million to 327.72 million ( so Harry Lappish) is that “In the event” DiMi Telematics International Inc. does not achieve a minimum of $0.01 EPS for its fiscal year ended August 31, 2013, Hauser gets to return the 1,000 shares of Series A Preferred Stock and get his 100 million shares of worthless DIMI stock back. If DiMi Telematics International reports EPS of $0.01 or better, Hauser gets what all the bag holders of this POS penny stock are going to get – Dick. (see SEC filed agreement here)

Actually, he is gonna be dumping the other 143.84 million shares he still owns plus whatever other restricted shares his numerous other stock scam companies hold on behalf of him.

Bottom Line: DIMI stock is going to be the hottest and most volatile of the penny stocks traded heavily until APS gets Georgetown Corp. (OTC: GTCP) up in the air and in-flight. The take off will be something to the tune of:

“Hello, this is your captain speaking. We want to welcome all of you aboard Centro Azteca S.A. pump and dump charter services. We anticipate a safe, but turbulent takeoff and remind that you that stop losses are optional because GTCP we will be dumping the stock so quickly to join AMWI, NSRS, SNPK and eventually GWBU. Peanuts will be issued as soon as we announce the $10 Strong Buy recommendation. Thank you for choosing Centro Azteca S.A. and APS pump and dump charter services.” 

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