Fork Me, StockTips Keeping Alkame Holdings (ALKM) Afloat

A day after the initial dumping, the StockTips pumped penny stock of Alkame Holdings, Inc. (ALKM) did what no other traders expected who have witnessed the end of a promotion – it went up. Shares of ALKM stock rose as high as 0.29 in the early portion of Thursday’s session allowing for all those who thought 0.50 yesterday meant that Mike Statler was telling the truth when he said that the micro-clustered, alkaline, alkaline, antioxidant, and oxygenated bottled/canned water distributors were going to go to $1. Having seen how quickly a StockTips pick can turn on a dime and end a session down more than -50%, the lackluster dead-cat bounce before the Friday free for all has flippers getting ripped off the opportunity to play it short before the eventual demise which is forthcoming.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded as of 1:07PM EST
Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
FNMA 3.04 -3.80% 11,657,148 3,820,473 1,285
ALKM 0.27 +12.50% 1,754,466 6,688,936 1,273
VOIL 2.08 +4.00% 2,988,212 1,483,464 1,222
MDBX 9.60 +14.89 1,719,205 154,522 727
FMCC 3.02 -4.13% 4,711,064 1,558,251 700
SOPW 1.25 +4.38% 1,485,340 1,053,531 676
MCIG 0.185 -20.26% 1,035,136 5,583,193 666
VIIC 0.004 -55.56% 546,039 110,965,630 600
CANV 2.35 +26.09% 799,138 290,208 494
ELRA 0.0033 +47.22% 376,899 81,000,614 444

With today being the 13th trading session since StockTips declared Alkame Holdings as their newest pick, traders who are more than familiar with the history of previous picks by the group were anticipating that ALKM stock would take the death dive yesterday. Much to everyone’s surprise, the decision to keep the pump alive for another day before forcing the hand of the newbie traders to average down to sustain less losses came as a surprise, or a warning, depending on who viewed how high a dead cat can bounce in Fall, 2014.

On a a much brighter note, Elray Resources, Inc. (ELRA) has been able to sustain the momentum unleashed upon it last week Friday when the development stage gaming company decided to terminate a reverse stock split that was on the table since the start of the month. Shares of ELRA stock haven’t so much burst back upwards to try and test 0.008 since the open on Monday, but the swings that it has offered have made plenty more than enough to go out and get themselves a new PS4 or similar console of their liking off the profits they’ve been able to scrape.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for those who have long believed that mCig, Inc. (MCIG) or Vision Industries, Corp. (VIIC) was going to bank them enough gains to be able to start doing some early holiday shopping ahead of the crowds. While MCIG shares have tapered back to where they began the year at, seeing VIIC shares return back to under 0.004, after it ran earlier in the month to as high as 0.044, was a move that every investor could see coming (except for those who got caught with their pants down).

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About ALKM Stock

Alkame Holdings, Inc., f/k/a Pinacle Enterprise Inc. (PINS), is a development stage company in the business of distributing bottled/canned alkaline, antioxidant and oxygenated water under the name Alkame Water Inc..

Click here to view the SEC filings for ALKM.
Click here to view the website for Alkame Water.

Authorized: 900,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 69,878,939

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
09/25/14 0.2600 0.2900 0.2200 0.2700 +0.0300 +12.50% 3,885,438
09/24/14 0.4780 0.5130 0.2260 0.2400 -0.2200 -47.83% 16,308,000
09/23/14 0.4099 0.4730 0.4000 0.4600 +0.0700 +17.95% 8,342,200
09/22/14 0.3590 0.3950 0.3535 0.3900 +0.0340 +9.55% 3,069,200
09/19/14 0.3799 0.4030 0.3530 0.3560 +0.0060 +1.71% 4,815,200


Bottom Line:

ALKM proved that there’s still some power in promoting penny stocks, especially when you can spend a couple million dollars buying lists in between picks. Now that ALKM stock all but has a fork stuck in it, traders can now begin to focus on LifeLogger Technologies Corp. (LOGG), Vopia, Inc. (VOPA), currently VOPAD, and That Marketing Solution, Inc. (VSHGD) to try and get in front of the next runner, or wait for a confirmation on one of the three.

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