StockTips Calling Alkame Holdings (ALKM) A $2 Stock

ALKM Stock, Alkame Water Inc., One day after the absolute dumpage of Alkame Holdings, Inc. (ALKM) whereby shares opened down -50% and continued to dead cat bounce down to as low as 0.083, -79% from Friday’s close, alerts from has resurrected the left for dead ticker. With over 10,000,000 shares traded within the first 10 minutes, surpassing yesterday’s record setting volume session, ALKM stock is sure to end today’s trading session as one of the top 5 traded penny stocks on the OTC Markets. After the PR pissing contest that Pingify International Inc. (PGFY) management got into within 24 hours of StockTips promoting that ticker, their suspension has many traders looking to flip rather than hold even though “the ultimate Health & Wellness water” is as real as you can expect in comparison to this time last year’s big hitter, The Alkaline Water Company Inc. (WTER).

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded as of 11:20AM EST
Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
ALKM 0.1925 +92.50 3,347,331 19,826,149 1,964
DRIO 0.183 +13.66 911,360 5,442,265 615
ONCS 0.573 -5.91 1,198,747 2,076,444 478
MHYS 0.0012 +50.00 401,986 385,594,640 459
VOIL 1.68 +8.39 798,372 490,159 419
FNMA 3.58 -1.10 4,285,165 1,188,873 416
ELTP 0.3676 +9.73 818,975 2,260,283 379
VIIC 0.0255 +25.00 279,044 12,069,163 363
MLHC 0.0015 +25.00 146,711 89,493,632 271
LQMT 0.2665 -2.02 451,723 1,708,705 241

It took less than 2 hours for ALKM Stock to test 0.20 after shares topped out at 0.197 by 11:15 this morning thanks much in part to the market makers that were dumping shares all day yesterday backing off and letting the retailers take the buy orders from those traders who were still averaging down from Friday. Newbie traders just learning about Alkame Holdings today after seeing the $4.6 million promotional efforts from are thinking they struck gold now that today’s action has posted nearly 29% gains so far.

There was a lot of speculation that, although leaks were noticed last week that StockTips would be pumping ALKM stock, that yesterday’s $1 million of volume during the forced average down efforts for those who fronted off the leaks, that the group who has a bullseye on their back would go with another ticker. The target was placed on the group after their last promotion, PGFY, was suspended by the SEC within 10 trading sessions of their initial alerts causing those who held with expectations of a repeat performance of WPWR to loose more than -90% of their holdings due to the suspension.

In last night’s alert, Mike Statler of calls for ALKM stock to be a $2 or $3 in the short-term which can happen only if Alkame Holdings does a 1-for-10 reverse stock split from where it stands right now. This morning’s email was even more misleading when Mike states:

And the number one reason I love ALKM is because this is a space where the big boys like Coke and Pepsi love to aquire innovative upstarts.

1) Vitamin Water – acquired for $4 Billion.
2) Fuzed – acquired for $250 Million
3) Zico Coconut Water – acquired for an undisclosed sum

I feel it in my bones that ALKM could be next.

We covered how Alkame Holdings is due to break $100,000 in YTD revenues when thy report their Q3 filings, but their gross profit on those projected sales is less than 10%. There can be a slew of actors and sports celebrities who are photographed or photoshopped with a bottle of Alkame water in their hands, the end result when all of the convertible debt holders get their monies worth out of ALKM stock and it gets dumped as hard as it did in the summer when Cohen got paid to pump it.

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About XXXX Stock

Alkame Holdings, Inc., f/k/a Pinacle Enterprise Inc. (PINS), is a development stage company in the business of distributing bottled/canned alkaline, antioxidant and oxygenated water under the name Alkame Water Inc..

Click here to view the SEC filings for ALKM.
Click here to view the website for Alkame Water.

Authorized: 900,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 69,878,939

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
09/08/14 0.1995 0.3000 0.0830 0.1000 -0.3100 -75.61% 10,527,500
09/05/14 0.1443 0.5050 0.0960 0.4100 +0.2600 +173.33% 871,900
09/04/14 0.1441 0.1500 0.1441 0.1500 -0.0013 -0.86% 4,200
09/02/14 0.1427 0.1513 0.1427 0.1513 -0.0082 -5.14% 12,000
08/29/14 0.1426 0.1595 0.1426 0.1595 unch unch 15,000


Bottom Line:

Compared to ALKM and its massive promotional efforts helping to push it, DRIO has been one of the best performing The penny stocks over the past few sessions, up over 100% since bouncing off its 0.0931 low set on Thursday. With the likelyhood of ALKM seeing a huge dip prior to the end of trading today, those traders who have a heavy appetite for risk will be the ones willing to hold overnight knowing full well that a suspension could come prior to tomorrow’s opening bell providing Mr. Sykes and his a reason to clog up Twitter.

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