Has Hot Penny Stock Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK) Peaked?

After topping $60 million on 3,945 trades when the new penny stock hit the street running on March 8th, it looks like Sunpeaks Ventures (OTCBB: SNPK) may have already peaked with a measly $12.6 million in volume yesterday on 669 more trades than it had its first day. Is there a cause for concern for what seems to be following the same path as North Springs Resources (OTCBB: NSRS)?

Two penny stocks to watch that AimHighProfits made sure to notify subscribers to add to their penny stocks list were Stevia First (OTCBB: STVF) and Save The World Air (OTCBB: ZERO) are both up since the alerts and both on the Top 10 list.

Also, the once hot penny stock Cannabis Science (OTCBB: CBIS) seems to need a roach clip following the path we alerted on when we advised subscribers to sell after it ran up to 0.245. Subscribe today to get the next penny stock alert delivered to you before the general public.

Contrarily, APS and their affiliates have been the talk around Twitter, Facebook, chat rooms and message boards for those responsible for  bringing public awareness to SNPK. One of Timothy Sykes’ Profit.ly  followers appears to have booked $12.4 million in profit on a 44,500,000 share position on SNPK at 0.34.

Investors day trading penny stocks focusing on SNPK could be in for a long ride down a short pier, or to the garage they’re registered at, by the sound of things.

Top 10 Stocks on the OTCQB in Total Trades:

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
SNPK 0.64 -8.56 12,619,921 19,054,952 4,614
CBIS 0.10 -15.25 5,703,563 58,336,993 3,130
LFVN 3.44 +12.05 12,705,428 3,812,225 2,931
TFER 1.49 +2.76 2,628,952 1,765,193 670
SLMU 0.86 +38.71 1,556,410 2,633,638 546
EKDKQ 0.27 -4.93 955,751 3,437,380 513
BFLX 0.0901 -9.90 553,102 5,615,618 506
STVF 1.03 +9.57 1,308,274 1,277,005 492
ZERO 0.635 +1.60 1,782,221 2,713,214 465
IRYS 0.245 -30.00 516,895 1,746,942 452


Salamon Group (OTC Pink: SLMU.PK), broke through after announcing the cancellation of a planned reverse stock split on Monday. SLMU, though its Sunlogics Power Fund Management, Inc. division, is a solar energy project company specializing in renewable energy power projects. It is a project-acquiring partner of Sunlogics Plc and its subsidiary as well as other third party project developers.

Shareholders in Bioflamex (OTCBB: BFLX) are still trying to put out the flames on the botched penny stock that has crashed harder than a kamikaze. AimHighProfits wrote about a similar company, GelTech Solutions (OTCBB: GLTC) back on January 30th. GLTC was up close to 100% but is still holding gains since the alert of 48%.

And finally, closing out the Top 10 list is the “egg on your face” penny stock iTrackr Systems (OTCBB: IRYS) which was linked by self-made penny stock poster boy for vanity Timothy Sykes who “supposedly” does not accept payment to promote penny stocks since his website charges  a monthly or annual fee for promotional materials.

Watch all 10 of these stocks closely today.

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