PZOO | How A Better Marketing Plan Could Help Pazoo Stock

PZOO StockSince our coverage began on the penny stock of Pazoo Inc. (OTC:PZOO), the share price has risen by 28 cents, 280%, but has been a major let down this week. With their national advertising campaign launched, the three 60-second badly designed spots, traders were hoping for a couple of hard-bodies having a jog or workout session with a dog or two thrown in for the pet lovers. Instead, PZOO stock spots are about as boring as the triple play the Oakland A’s turned the other night against the Minnesota Twins.

Twins – there you go – bouncing twins as an ad campaign for PZOO. Hire us next time you plan a promo. Bouncing twins – who doesn’t love to see them? And then you do a Buy One – Take One offer. It’s brilliant!

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PZOO, PZOO Stock, Pazoo, Pazoo stockPZOO Stock Chart

Wednesday Stats
Trades: 68
Average Trade Size: 2,656

Trading History:
52 Week High (8/22/2012): 0.38
52 Week Low (7/20/2012): 0.09

The Company announced earlier today the launch of their first direct response products that are said to be marketed under the PAZOO brand name. The national roll out, expected in September, focuses on adults with a nutritional supplement, stem-cell nutritional product and an anti-aging product. Good thing they are targeting adults since kids and pets probably lack the funds and ability to purchase the items from www.pazoo.com.

Company CEO, David M. Cunic,  stated that Pazoo will become synonymous with building total health – both body and mind. At present, traders are calling a failed pump since more than 20 newsletters have issued reasons why PZOO stock will hit $1. Pazoo may intend on becoming the leading source of high quality goods and expert information that people can count on to keep them and their pets healthy and happy. However, currently, they are trading like snake oil. If this image doesn’t change quickly, PZOO stock could be the biggest missed marketing opportunity of the year.

Clotamin, are you kidding me? What, did like 15 people actually buy it?

About PZOO Stock

Pazoo, Inc.’s web site www.pazoo.com provides a warehouse of competitively priced products and a roster of experts in various health and wellness fields who deliver useful information for achieving fuller and richer lives for both humans and their pets. Pazoo.com is a unique, interactive, e-commerce site where consumers can gain insights into health and wellness for themselves and their animals from leading health & wellness and pet industry experts.

Bottom Line: Twins! The penny stock needs twins for the marketing plan! There is something that even Timothy Sykes knows – Sex Sells!

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