Top 10 Most Active Penny Stock Losers: SEFE, SNPK, CBIS

What matters to traders is the 400% increase, the real attraction of penny stocks. The reason OTC stocks are often referred to as dreadful is because of days like Monday where SEFE Inc. (OTC: SEFE) led the top 10 stinkers into the sewage system. Most average retail investors can’t resist the prospect that the hard mailers promise of massive percentage gains in a matter of days, or weeks. They ignore the advice to avoid them and look for that ne hot penny stock that they can gamble disposable cash on.

SEFE Inc.was the leader of the “ticket ripping” losers on Monday as the stock dropped -38 cents to close below its March26th price when the shares were closely held but trading. Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK) did exectly what we have been saying for a month now as it trends downwards towards their sister-stock, North Springs Resources (NSRS).  Thirdly on the list of the top 10 losers was Cannabis Science (CBIS) who we thought would have made a monumental announcement on April 20th to gain momentum but failed to do so.

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Top 10 Most Active Losers of the OTC Penny Stocks

Symbol Close Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
SEFE 0.84 -31.15% 8,790,755 8,340,628 3,393
SNPK 0.1895 -24.50% 3,611,052 17,921,292 2,278
CBIS 0.072 -10.56% 662,614 8,713,834 673
MDRM 0.0141 -32.86% 467,867 23,810,654 623
ICPA 0.0289 -17.66% 828,695 30,023,286 609
ECDC 0.0065 -5.80% 563,855 72,425,134 548
LQMT 0.379 -1.58% 1,696,867 4,572,328 498
TLON 0.765 -28.50% 1,166,028 1,547,363 464
OEDV 1.79 -13.53% 860,696 510,092 366
AEDC 0.85 -28.57% 512,195 522,297 358

As you can see, the biggest gainers can fall as rapidly as they rise.  What’s more important is that most of these shares have had several dips in price during their dramatic rise.  Investors that bought in on these dips to catch the rising tide ended up losing big when the tide rolled out.  So, does this mean these 10 penny stocks should be avoided?

Bottom Line: The list of  penny stocks above were the most actively traded ones that ended up closing down. Are they the worst, maybe but are they done? Only SNPK for sure is cooked. The others should be on the list of stocks to watch for the rest of the week.  If they gap in price, its a pump, if they trend upwards in price, its momentum.


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