Top 10 Penny Stocks | Lot78’s LOTE Up Nearly 2,000% Now

top OTC stocks, hot penny stocks, list of penny stocks, Awesome Penny StocksOne hour into the mid-week trading session and one thing that’s not missing from the penny stocks on parade is: Volume. It’s great to see our March alert on Lot78 Inc. (LOTE) continue to appreciate from 0.93 to today’s HOD of $18.92, a gain of 1,934% in 2½ months, and to see the dying pump of Awesome Penny Stocks: Xumanii Inc. (XUII), looking like its about to pull the plug.

While the top 3: Fannie Mae (FNMA), Freddie Mac (FMCC), and American Airlines (AAMRQ) are all well on their way to seeing $50 million plus traded today, once high profiled players like Psycho’s Globalink Ltd. (GOBK), despite the huge percentage gains and not making it into the top 10 yet (currently #11), have fallen off of the money train, making many traders converts to the new wave of thinking: mid- to long-term.

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Top 10 OTC Stocks Traded as of 10:30:30 AM

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
FNMA 1.73 +1.17% 41,405,732 24,565,605 3,871
AAMRQ 5.75 +8.29% 26,560,738 4,731,654 1,833
FMCC 1.55 +3.33% 17,113,326 11,370,978 1,630
XUII 0.389 -0.77% 2,425,299 6,421,102 686
ERBB 0.0052 +18.18% 323,597 64,311,320 425
NHUR 1.03 -12.71% 590,259 561,327 377
LOTE 18.65 +9.06% 1,358,829 73,966 309
TALK 1.24 +5.08% 722,122 584,700 270
CERP 0.0277 -10.65% 243,510 8,679,211 249
POLR 4.47 -8.78% 777,068 167,384 240

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Lot78’s LOTE stock hitting a new high today is a perfect opportunity to bring up the subject of why you should (or should not) be a subscriber to our newsletter. Today’s pick was Sebring Software (SMXI) which we dubbed as a mid-term pick with a strong chance of seeing $2 by the end of the summer. Currently, SMXI is trading at 0.55, ▼ -0.03 (-5.2%), on volume of 188,222 shares traded.

As most of you already know, the vast majority of the penny stock picks we profile in our newsletter are micro-cap companies who have seen limited exposure prior to our campaigns. While we are banking on most of them for their future potential, we cater much more towards the long-term type of player rather than the flipper.

Sometimes we’ll show you something that looks like it will be a home run “Short-Term”, but for the most part, we look at a stock, like LOTE for example, that can take advantage of the current market rather than the Company itself.

Look at the top 3 traded today: Fannie Mae (FNMA), Freddie Mac (FMCC), and American Airlines (AAMRQ). Each of these 3 could have been gotten by any one of you for under 0.35 at any given time last year off of our alerts or write ups. How would those profits from 0.35 to now be looking in your portfolio along side the LOTE at 0.93 you are still holding on to?

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Bottom Line:

We know penny stocks and looking for quick flips that will crash in 10 minutes is not what we’re about. Pick any of the top 10 OTC stocks traded today and look at when we initially covered them. You have 2 10 baggers and 3 4 baggers or better starring you right in the face. We think SMXI will be one of them but its going to take some time.

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