Top 10 Penny Stocks | Lot78’s LOTE Up Nearly 300% Now

top 10 penny stocks, top OTC stocks, hot penny stocks, penny stocks,Tuesday may have been a so-so trading session for many who were looking for something to flip and rip, but for those who went long on the penny stock alert we issued on Lot78 Inc. (LOTE), today could not have been sweeter. Closing at the HOD, a new 52 week high, LOTE stock is now up 282% since our alert – more than double what traders made off that POS Goff Corp. (GOFF) from AwesomePennyStocks. We told ya that: As you watch it climb up the charts, past $1.00 towards $2.00 and then on to $3.00 and possibly even $4.00, you will get the chance to tell yourself one of two things:

I am so happy I got some LOTE under 1.00, or
I could have gotten some LOTE for under 1.00!

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
AAMRQ 3.89 +5.99% 43,367,944 11,241,504 2,086
GOFF 0.1173 -31.80% 2,675,058 21,411,667 1,860
LOTE 3.56 +29.93% 2,538,595 789,113 1,706
FNMA 0.7899 -0.27% 6,198,850 7,827,419 1,404
FNMAS 4.50 -3.23% 18,920,406 4,295,135 934
HIDC 0.0181 -30.38% 540,935 26,596,749 810
OCTX 5.10 -1.54% 1,523,539 325,019 682
TTNP 1.89 -3.08% 2,047,995 1,066,248 588
MJNA 0.2265 -7.17% 1,126,376 4,914,852 580
FMCC 0.784 +0.91% 2,864,504 3,682,814 526

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Among the other top 10 traded penny stocks, GOFF is continuing to see huge drops with 3 consecutive red sessions now that Not-So AwesomePennyStocks has pulled their plug on the support. Since Thursday’s close at 0.276, GOFF stock has dropped -13.41%, -28.03%, and -31.80%, setting up for a 4th drop on Wednesday which is perfect for those who love to play the triple digit winning bounce plays when their pump&dumps crash. SVEN was sweet and offered over 200% on its bounce.

Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) made an appearance on the top 10 list only because one of the best one-day senders came back from retirement to issue an alert. Seeing that MJNA is never going to go to the OTCBB and how Llamas has already put a “plan B” into place with CannaVEST (CANV), its only a matter of time before MJNA stock is back to trading at under a dime.

For those who think playing the bounce off GOFF is too risky, there is always AwesomePennyStocks’ sister sites’ Harbor Island Development Corp. (HIDC). Lasting as long as a stinky fart in an elevator, HIDC stock never really made it past a nickel other than the day one flurry of buys and has mimicked the performance of GOFF since Friday with its own 3 day red trend: -13.75%, -24.64%, and -30.38%.

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Bottom Line:

LOTE and the nearly 300% gains it has achieved in roughly a month is the highlight of the penny stock world at present. Profit taking is sure to come this week which allows for those looking to play a bounce or two that much easier before we enter into May. If you know how to trade dumped promo stocks that had huge support on them, have HIDC and GOFF on your radar screens for the rest of the week. HIDC should break past .01 while GOFF looks primed for a quick double-digit return once it hits .05.

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