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 top OTC stocks, hot penny stocks, list of penny stocks, Awesome Penny StocksWow! While the granddaddy of the marijuana focused penny stocks, Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) had a negative trading session for the last Monday of March, two of the newest ones to join the group saw nothing but green. Both SK3 Group Inc. (SKTO) and Creative Edge Nutrition (FITX) saw their share prices rise to new YTD highs today making both SKTO stock and FITX stock requirements for the list of penny stocks to watch for the rest of the week.

Lurking in the shadows for all of almost all of last week behind the high-rises of both Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FMCC), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, respectively, has been Awesome Penny Stocks‘ newest pick: Goff Corporation (GOFF). This is the type of trading you want to see in an APS pick and reason why, despite the truth being exposed, nothing can hold GOFF stock from becoming the next 400+% gainer from the group except the group themselves.

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TOP 10 Penny Stocks Traded: Monday, March 25

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
FNMA 0.83 +4.67% 32,521,709 39,413,603 5,921
AAMRQ 4.03 -3.36% 43,022,770 10,750,434 3,768
SKTO 0.0605 +31.81% 5,165,456 83,022,301 3,374
FITX 0.0169 +191.38% 2,627,788 214,027,431 2,882
FMCC 0.813 +3.96% 9,664,852 11,834,759 2,314
GOFF 0.397 +7.01% 5,864,423 15,046,820 2,299
ABKFQ 0.175 +23.24% 2,503,045 15,807,049 1,201
EKDKQ 0.285 -10.66% 1,423,647 4,887,594 777
TTNP 1.80 +7.78% 2,449,784 1,414,154 766
MJNA 0.27 -2.91% 2,995,753 10,956,517 754

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GOFF, GOFF scam, GOFF Stock Scam, GOFF Stock, GOFF Stock Scam, GOFF Corporation, Golden Glory Resources S.A., Awesome Penny Stocks, Awesome Penny Stocks picks, The Next Awesome Penny Stocks Pick,OTC stocks to watch, penny stock to watchThrough their wholly owned subsidiary, Golden Glory Resources S.A., Goff Corp. has been steadily hitting the PR wires, today announcing plans to begin a 5,000-meter diamond drilling program on its La Frontera Gold Project within 90 days. Just like with the last pick, Swingplane Ventures (SWVI), the PR flow is ample reason to suggest that the group, as well as the Company, expects to commit a budget of approximately $1.6 million on this phase one of the pump and this phase one of the gold/diamond exploration program, respectively.

Last week, GOFF stock was overshadowed by the insane run the two penny stocks that are involved in the trillion plus dollar housing market had. Other than some smoke screens being put up by those who have decided to use the word “marijuana” to promote their share prices, GOFF looks to be on the same path as SWVI stock was, up already roughly 0.12, 44.37%, from the average entry price from day one.

Sure, there are better diamond mining companies to speculate long on like Brazil Minerals (BMIX) who have working facilities and a less tainted corporate history compared to Goff Corp. But as the group promoting the stock indicated: “Should a buyout rumor circulates, shares in GOFF could triple instantly. Major mining corporations are ALWAYS looking to buyout gold properties that hold huge potential and the La Frontera property could just be it.

Imagine if APS was to do a marijuana focused penny stock as their pick: KaBoooom!

About GOFF Stock

Goff Corporation, through their wholly owned subsidiary, Golden Glory Resources S.A., is focused on gold exploration with a view to developing highly prospective gold projects. The Company’s primary interest is the LGC15011 or “La Frontera” Gold Project in Aguadas, Dept. Of Caldas, Colombia.

Click here to view the SEC filings for GOFF.
Click here to view the website for Goff Corporation.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
03/25/13 0.3970 +0.0260 +7.01% 15,046,820
03/22/13 0.3710 +0.0410 +12.42% 21,291,801
03/21/13 0.3300 -0.0085 -2.51% 19,919,801
03/20/13 0.3385 +0.0415 +13.97% 13,046,500
03/19/13 0.2970 +0.0121 +4.25% 19,759,400


Bottom Line: Despite the DOW, Nasdaq and S&P 500 all being extremely bullish, penny stocks are performing very well thus far in 2013 and these top 10 traders from Monday could and should remain in the spotlight for the remainder of the week. Although FITX stock was on a massive campaign today, it might just be able to hold some of those gains today since, like SKTO stock, the use of the word “marijuana” creatively in the business model of the Company should be enough to keep some traders on the couch rather than flipping out.

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