Top OTC Stocks | Lot78 Up 359%, Goff Ready To Bounce

A whole “LOTE” of love was shown Thursday on the penny stock of Lot78 Inc. (OTC:LOTE) despite the circulation of the hard mailer which began hitting mailboxes across the country. Squeezing out what was rumored to be naked shorts by Market Maker WDCO, LOTE stock showed no mercy as it said goodbye to $3 and burst through the $4 at the end of the day. We told you this would happen when we alerted on what looked like a replica of last spring’s 441% runner, Omni Ventures (OMVE), who had all the celebrity juice it needed for its PRVCY Couture Jeans. From $0.93 to the HOD of $4.27 — That’s 359% (just like we said).

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Top OTC Stocks Traded

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
LOTE 4.21 +54.78% 5,372,677 1,602,193 2,664
GOFF 0.051 -29.17% 5,224,050 88,577,673 2,121
FNMA 0.8209 +0.11% 8,320,342 9,999,492 1,691
AAMRQ 3.91 -1.51% 19,752,604 4,900,422 1,654
MJNA 0.179 -13.94% 3,368,520 18,316,992 1,574
OCTX 7.33 +16.91% 2,486,285 370,015 811
APDN 0.23 +9.52% 1,610,754 7,363,323 750
FMCC 0.815 -0.85% 2,976,818 3,582,035 726
AGIN 0.8271 +10.28% 1,460,243 1,744,618 726
VDSC 0.0064 +220.00% 402,098 100,101,090 599

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In a reversal of fortune, APS’ Goff Corp. (GOFF) ended the trading session at the exact level we have been telling VIP members to look for — 0.05. Expecting the blood bath of declines to end and for heavy losers in the knife catching drop of GOFF stock, we have been anticipating a bounce at 0.05 which it looks as if Friday will be the chance to play it.

Other APS’ dumps have been excellent bounce plays after their sharp declines and GOFF is no different. Seeing as how the Company was willing to put out news on Tuesday of this week which had no effect, news on Friday could entice the elephant to start bouncing on the poorly woven trampoline for some quick day-trade gains.

Other OTC stocks which were heavily traded on Thursday included Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) and their continued decline from $0.50. With CannaVEST (CANV) already set up and ready to go, MJNA stock is as good looking right now as a 1974 Ford Pinto.

American Airlines’ parent, AMR Corp. (AAMRQ), continued to see its shares trade actively after more than 15 months now on the OTC Market. Funny how, like LOTE stock at $0.93, avoiding GOFF all together, or grabbing MJNA before it eer reached $0.05, readers and subscribers of AimHighProfits knew about AAMRQ stock when it was just $0.35 — a gain of only 1017% as of Thursday’s close.

While Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FMCC) continue to churn big volume after their runs last month from their 2012 results, ALAS International Holdings, Inc. (VDSC), dba PV Enterprises International, made a huge move off of news that Hydraiki Naval Company, aka, chose the sunken ship of a pinsheet stock to be their merger partner, expanding and facilitating its long planned growth and expansion into the 3, 5, and seven days cruise venue. Too bad VDSC stock will be a sunken wreck in a shorter span than one of their proposed cruises.

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Bottom Line:

These 10 penny stocks represent only a fraction of the money to be made on the OTC markets daily. Finding good penny stocks to buy is a lot easier than playing the daily promo market of gap up tankers. Once you are able to find a trtading philiosophy that works for you, something like the percentage gains talked about above, plan the trade and trade the plan.

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