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What’s The Hottest Penny Stock Right Now,hot penny stocks, hot OTC stocks, One thing AimHighProfits prides itself on is that the readers and subscribers of our newsletter and stock updates consider themselves to be activist penny stock investors. These individuals of highly-informed, no holds barred investors are never complacent to just simply glance at their monthly account statements to see how their shares are doing. They research, ask questions, and more importantly, act on the information they have while always looking for that next breakout stock that will either make or break all the work they put in on previous trades.

While we are skeptics at times (for good reasons) on penny stocks that look like they are going to the moon like YaFarm Technologies (YFRM) on day one or Swingplane Ventures (SWVI), now on day 18, we roll up our sleeves, dig deep into the inner-workings of the Company’s bowels and know that going long and getting out at the high is a virtual impossibility for anyone.

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One penny stock however that we were extremely adamant about going long on was the delisted NYSE shares of AMR Corp. (AAMRQ), parent Company of American Airlines,. As soon as they hit the OTC, like many other delisted shares from higher exchanges, we targeted them for swing trading and long holding since getting in at under the 0.37 level was like getting tomorrow’s winning lottery numbers.

The difference with AAMRQ stock was that putting $10,000 or even $20,000 was both prudent and be confident that it wasn’t going to collapse.

AAMRQ Stock Chart Since NYSE Delisting

  • Market Cap: 851.59M
  • 14-Day Rel Strength: 80.04%
  • 14-Day Stochastic: 99.38%

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  • 1st Resistance Point: 2.68
  • 2nd Resistance Point: 2.82
  • 1st Support Level: 2.27
  • 2nd Support Level: 2.00

As evidenced from this week’s merger agreement which had been on the table since last spring, those who went long or even bought in to AAMRQ stock as late as as November, hit the jackpot this week with real gains of over 600%.

An investment of $10,000 at 0.36 brought in gains of $60,553, a $20,000 trade brought gains of over of $129,400. That’s real money and that’s what we do is bring those types of plays and trade set ups for traders to act on.

The questions now is whether or not AAMRQ has peaked and what is the next “big money” play and will it be any of the hottest penny stocks trading right now?

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded Friday, February 15

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
AAMRQ 2.54 +19.81% 119,649,765 50,234,454 9,599
MJNA 0.34 -22.73% 26,362,137 75,595,764 6,912
GNIN 2.75 +22.22% 19,418,871 7,602,564 3,489
SWVI 0.685 +12.28% 5,418,502 8,405,247 2,209
ERBB 0.0122 -3.17% 1,257,331 113,406,663 1,100
MWIP 0.0979 +4.26% 1,564,290 16,438,601 958
PHOT 0.087 -6.75% 1,549,211 18,638,343 926
DEWM 0.0182 +24.66% 713,849 34,777,406 826
BMSN 0.0144 +11.63% 1,002,481 72,683,447 744
NNAN 0.0031 +72.22% 385,926 114,874,832 690

Led by Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA), marijuana stocks and all the other cannabis focused stocks like Growlife, Inc. (PHOT), MediSwipe, Inc. (MWIP), Hemp, Inc. (HEMP), Cannabis Science, Inc. (CBIS), Tranzbyte Corporation (ERBB) and Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) have all been going viral since just prior to the November elections. While MJNA saw a massive pull back from its 0.50 high set on Wednesday, shares are still up more than 640% from our initial alert from back in August. MWIP shares are still up a massive 2620% since election day.

Listed in 3rd for the top traded OTC stocks on Friday is Green Innovations Ltd. (GNIN), a penny stock we alerted on at 0.60 back in November, anticipating their IPO, set a new high Friday and closed at the HOD, up 358% since our initial coverage. While optimism is flowing that it can not be stopped, the dip (when it comes) will be more like a an elephant jumping from a rooftop with an umbrella as a parachute. Traders in deep on GNIN stock should count their blessings and take their profits ASAP.

The only other listed penny stock above worth noting is that of Awesome Penny Stocks: Swingplane Ventures, Inc. (SWVI). entering into their 19th trading session on Tuesday since alerts were issued and up 356% since our initial coverage, SWVI stock has been baiting long traders to stay in as the start up copper miner sets new highs each day. While $1 is totally out of the question, the chances of seeing this one trading above 0.50 next week Friday are as good as the N.Y. Mets winning the World Series in 2013 — it could happen.

Bottom Line: We know penny stocks and one thing for certain is that any one who can make money trading penny stocks knows how to do their own research. Activist penny stock investors typically only target fundamentally flawed, weak performing companies, aka OTC listed penny stocks.When you get down to it, making the money needed to live for free each month ain’t all that hard and every once in awhile, a life changer like AAMRQ comes around if you have the patience to hold on.

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