$AMZN 750 PUTS : $365 → $9,618 (2,914%) In Under 1 Hour

_32tradesIn case you’ve been under a rock or stuck on iHub trying to justify why or when diluting MM’s are going to leave the OTC ticker you are being told is going to a buck, I started www.32Trades.com in January and it’s BANGING!

Most of the members came over from the OTC because of my disticnt track record of alerting winners, but once I was able to teach them how to trade options, they won’t even look at an OTC ticker. Here’s why…

Not once, not twice, not even three times a week, but try three times a day we average seeing options trades that double, triple, and even 30 bag!

Sound bragadocious?  Come check us out for a day and I’m willing to bet you won’t want to ever look at an OTC ticker again.

 Check out just ONE of the trades from Thursday, November 10, which didn’t even capture ALL of the potential gains:

NOV 11 AMZN 750 PUTS @ 0.33 per contract:



When this move comes, you can be one of three people:

  1. Be one who was in when it happens;
  2. Be one who watches when it happens; or
  3. Be one who wonders what just happened

It’s all on you, but for as little as $2 a trading session, you’d be a fool not to change your ways and start to take the money the market is begging to give you.

 Join us and start REALLY making what you have always wanted to make, but been either stuck or focused on the diluting OTC Markets.

Check Out Our Concept (www.32trades.com) – You Won’t Regret It!

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