Dude, Where’s My Penny Stock Phototron (PHOT)?

The penny stock of Phototron Holdings, Inc. (PHOT), a leading technology supplier to the hydroponic growing industry, is about to go Snoop Dogg. PHOT stock price closed down -13.64% at 0.05 on volume of just 367,785 shares traded on Wednesday. Those numbers are meaningless because the #1 choice of organic hydroponic home growers is on the pump and you can expect it to be one of Thursday’s major players on the OTC.

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PHOT Stock Chart

Market Cap: 15.37M
Shares Outstanding: 307.46M

52-Week Low
(Jun 25, 2012): 0.03

5 Day Pct Change: 47.06%
5 Day Avg Volume: 434,516

Phototron filed its Q1 for the period ending March 31, 2012 just over one month ago, the Company reported cash of $9,825, total liabilities of $791,210, and an accumulated deficit of ($4,850,939). Revenues for Q1 were $107,592 compared to $119,308 for the same period in 2011. Gross profit reported was $36,755 compared to $51,304 for the same period in 2011. The net result for Q1 was a Net loss  of ($386,873) compared to ($876,168) for Q1, 2011.

The Company announced yesterday plans to form a new business unit to enhance its commitment to “Live to Grow, Grow to Live”. The new unit if Phototron, GrowLife Productions, Inc., is expected to focus on business opportunities in the entertainment and lifestyle market surrounding the medicinal cannabis industry.


Phototron Holdings may be best known for its portfolio of home gardening technologies, but it’s also building a strong position in the medicinal marijuana industry. With co-sponsorships of major industry entertainment events, select celebrity associations, and high tech equipment brands, the company aims to foster a growing community around its products.

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About PHOT Stock

Phototron Holdings Inc. sells and distributes mini-hydroponic greenhouses (Phototron Units) and horticultural seeds, mineral nutrient solutions, growing mediums and germination kits.

About Hydroponic Growing

Hydroponic gardening generally describes the method of growing plants without soil. Plants are typically grown in various growing mediums using a mineral nutrient solution. Nutrient solutions contain substantially all of the minerals that plants normally would get from the soil in a more concentrated form. Growing mediums aerate and support a plant’s root system while channeling the nutrient solution.

Consequently, the root system is exposed to more oxygen, which stimulates root growth and nutrient absorption. Since plants do not have to use energy to search for the nutrients they require, the saved energy is used to grow faster and produce a greater yield.

To view the SEC filings for PHOT, click here. For more information about home growing, visit www.phototron.com

Bottom Line: This penny stock should trade very well today since Photoron (PHOT) has been a feature on Martha Stewart, Forbes, Rolling Stone, High Times, and even Cosmopolitan. A few decades ago, this was the center piece of our college dorm room and it does work very very well. Add PHOT to your list of penny stocks to watch Thursday. The obvious reason for sales being so small could be since those who need it, cant save enough before having to re-up on their supply or can’t remember where they left their wallet.

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