PWEI | Victory Mark Calls In Support For PacWest Equities

PWEI stock, PWEI Scam, PacWest Equities Inc. Victory Mark Stock PicksDid you think the Beatles and penny stocks could ever share the same tune: “With a little help from my friends.” Short Squeeze alerts are filling up inboxes and not just from the original group who initiated coverage on PacWest Equities Inc. (PWEI). with reports that 25% of cell towers, broadband is out of commission in 10 states, the friends in low places efforts have pulled together to keep PWEI stock from losing its helium lift that has it looking ever so similar to Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK) run.

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PWEI stock, PWEI Scam, PacWest Equities Inc. Victory Mark Stock PicksPWEI Stock Chart

Market Cap: 21.04M
Close: 0.70, up 0.015 (2.19%)
Volume: 2,882,699
Dollar Volume: $1,897,848
High: 0.721
Low: 0.60
Trades: 761
Average Trade Size: 3,788

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As the Victory Mark pick enters its 4th week, the weren’t taking any chances of PWEI losing any of its momentum after it came roaring back from their S.A. article which pretty much crushed it. Approaching new highs each trading session, the question is asked: “What would you do if PWEI was to hit $2.50 and you weren’t involved?”

The real question is: What would you do if PWEI was to hit $0.25 and you were involved? Eventually, the day is coming when PacWest Equities follows the nose dive trend that SNPK did after its historic run. For that reason, the help of a few arm’s distance newsletters have been reached out to to help create a “buzz” for Wednesday’s trading session. The assistance should continue through the week which will be sufficient time for the FCC to get things back up and running.

About PWEI Stock

PacWest Equities Inc. has flexed its muscles twice now (see chart) without having any muscles to flex.

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Bottom Line: PWEI, and all other big money penny stocks, should be watched past the open. Any gains int he first 5-10 minutes are likely to be minuscule compared to the cliff-diving action it could take after a four day break. The Tigers couldn’t bring their game after a four day hiatus, getting swept by the Giants — Can PWEI stock react better?

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