Top Penny Stocks | 10 Most Traded All End In The Green

TAGG, PWEI, EKDKQ, ZERO, SANP, MAXE, NGRCMemories of “Hail Flutie” came to mind today when witnessing the top 10 penny stock traded on the OTC all ending the day in positive territory. Surely traders thought the caveat emptor designations would have had an effect on the major pump plays of TagLikeMe (TAGG) and/or PacWest Equities (PWEI). But like the Eastman Kodak (EKDKQ) moment many caught on their 35mm cameras back in 1984 when Doug Flutie hit Gerard Phelan to give Boston College the win over the Miami Hurrianes, all 10 of the top traded penny stocks ended up, even Santo Mining (SANP), proving that miracles do happen.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded – Monday, October 15

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
TAGG 0.121 +16.91% 3,567,147 30,667,401 1,938
PWEI 0.5734 +17.70% 3,825,905 6,309,563 1,361
ONVO 2.70 +15.38% 2,891,300 1,122,473 728
EKDKQ 0.2549 +18.56% 2,056,176 8,103,336 718
SANP 0.678 +2.03% 752,115 1,054,706 535
FITX 0.013 +6.15% 267,175 18,390,577 497
MJNA 0.0691 +24.17% 666,187 9,597,879 496
NGRC 1.01 +21.69% 1,301,263 1,342,444 489
MAXE 1.54 +14.18% 1,180,572 812,241 460
ZERO 1.64 +17.14% 1,254,111 796,822 458

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A few fresh faces made appearances today on the top penny stocks traded list:

Creative Edge Nutrition Inc. (FITX), a nutritional supplement company focusing on active lifestyles, is said to be acquiring Chesapeake Nutraceuticals, a company focused on premium grade supplements to aging Americans. FITX stock absolutely anialated its five day average volume today: 694,076.

National Graphite Corp. (NGRC), a company focused on being the first to discover and produce natural graphite in Nevada, broke the one dollar level with ease today. NGRC stock was on our radar when a Nasty friend of mine pointed out a high-priced PPC campaign was underway. After looking at what the insiders had done with previous penny stocks like Dewmar Intl. (DEWM) which went from the 20’s to the sub pennies, we were hesitant to make any comments on which direction it would go.

Maxwell Resources, Inc. (MAXE), a 3-D printing company, is another addition to the list of new penny stocks recently activated. MAXE stock has been active for less than 2 months, but set a new 52 week high today at $1.54.

Bottom Line: The top 10 penny stocks traded today will all be in play come Tuesday and expectations of them to continue their ride along the green highway should be cautioned. $17,761,951 was traded between these 10 penny stocks Monday and tomorrow night’s presidential debate will try to lead you to believe the economy is suffering. If they only knew, they might offer every unemployed American a $300 voucher each month to use on the OTC to try to cut back on the unemployment benefits.

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