ZERO | S.A. Shoots STWA Through The Heart Of The Bull

ZERO Stock, STWA, Save The World Air,Shares in Save the World Air (ZERO) have been compressed into a whip-it thus far today as an article surfaced which has traders exploiting it just like YIPI. The article is more of an expose playing the “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon” game revisiting a series of events that happened more than a decade ago. The response to the fact or fiction has shorters crushing the dreams of ZERO stock touching anywhere near $2 let alone $1 at the close. This, after the green technology company had it’s highest volume, shares and dollars, trading session ever.

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ZERO stock, STWA, Save the World AirZERO Stock Chart

Market Cap: 87.35M
Last: 0.68, down -1.21 ( -64.02%)
Volume: 7,439,250
Dollar Volume: $6,696,173
High: 1.89
Low: 0.48
Trades: 2,308
Average Trade Size: 3,223

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Considering that the Company had little no no news during the course of its recent surge, the opportunity for any update on the current events was due to cause momentum. The thing is, no one expected it to be anything less than an update on their China project.

Short sellers may have won the morning, but STWA stock has already bounced 20 cents of its intra-day low, a 41.67% gain. Long traders who got in late have the chance to average down if they can suppress the selling. Having the AOT™ tested, installed and purchased by a Communist country gives proof to the world the AOT™ is for real. Apparently Russia, India & Africa are in the works according to the investor packets handed out over the past weekend.

About ZERO Stock

STWA, Inc. develops and commercializes energy efficiency technologies that assist in meeting increasing global energy demands, improving the economics of oil extraction and transport, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Company’s intellectual property portfolio includes 24 domestic and international patents and patents pending, which have been developed in conjunction with and exclusively licensed from Temple University. STWA’s technologies include Applied Oil Technology™ (AOT™), which is designed to improve oil flow through pipelines. AOT™ has been proven in U.S. Department of Energy tests to increase the energy efficiency of oil pipeline pump stations. ELEKTRA™ improves diesel engine efficiency for industrial diesel engines, as well as diesel-powered trucks, trains, marine vessels, military fleets and jet turbines.

Bottom Line: Negative articles like the one in Seeking Alpha today are always going to have an affect on penny stocks. It’s one of T.S.’s number one methods of shorting. ZERO is still in a rock solid position to prove to the risk averse that its AOT™ will pay for itself in due course.

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