ZERO | Still No Deal Announcement By Save The World Air

ZERO Stock, STWA, Save The World Air, OTC ZERO, ZERO Stock QuoteLike a Mexican standoff, traders waiting for the penny stock of Save the World Air, Inc. (ZERO) to return to it’s near $2 glory may have gotten the answer to their questions today. Finally, the Company has issued a shareholder update with a strong focus on uplisting to the Nasdaq. While ZERO stock hasn’t been able to break past $1.13 all year, optimism is starting to fade as investors await more “concrete” news on the Company’s AOT™ and the AOT™ Midstream.

Just answer the question: Is Halliburton Company (NYSE: HAL) in or not?

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ZERO, ZERO Stock, ZERO Stock Quote, Save the World Air, ZERO Stock Price, ZERO Stock Chart, STWA, OTC Oil StocksZERO Stock Quote

Market Cap: 125.85M
Last: 0.91  -0.03 (-3.19%)
Volume: 143,000
Open: 0.93
High: 0.95
Low: 0.90
14-Day Rel Strength: 33.92%
14-Day Stochastic: 40.00%

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The 5 page shareholder update from Cecil Bond Kyte, CEO and President of Save The World Air (STWA) can be viewed here. Details of the Nasdaq uplisting are still vague since the process has only been drawn up and yet to be put into effect.

What is optimistic from a revenue point of view is how the Company states that since it is under non-disclosure agreements with five major multi-national companies, and in formal negotiations with a major multi-national corporation for the implementation of the AOT™ Midstream to their substantial North American assets, it can’t reveal too many details.

What it has described in detail is the Company’s AOT™ Midstream enhanced oil transport system, a commercial crude oil pipeline flow assurance product designed to be installed at pipeline pump stations in the upstream, gathering and midstream sectors. There’s pictures of guys in winter wear standing around on a factory floor talking about something, a group of board members all smiling, and even some graphs to detail oil production and flow capacities.

What there is not is anything other than a “Hello” from the Company which could stimulate ZERO stock to move back towards the $1 level and prove that this “game changer” technology is worth more.

About ZERO Stock

Save The World Air, Inc., aka STWA, are the designers and manufacturers of Applied Oil Technology (AOT), an industrial hardware solution designed to improve the efficiency of industrial crude oil pipelines via viscosity reduction.

Click here to view the SEC filings for ZERO.
Click here to view the website for STWA.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
02/27/13 0.9100 -0.0300 -3.19% 143,000
02/26/13 0.9400 -0.0100 -1.05% 106,900
02/25/13 0.9500 -0.0400 -4.04% 35,400
02/22/13 0.9900 +0.0200 +2.06% 128,000
02/21/13 0.9700 -0.0300 -3.00% 306,600


Bottom Line: We have long been believers in the technology and penny stock of STWA. However, time is dwindling and shares of ZERO stock are needing to be issued in order to keep production and testing afloat. An announcement of a deal with one of these major multi-national companies is what ZERO stock needs to go gushing back towards that $2 ceiling.

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