ZERO | Save The World Air Breaks Out To Start The Week

ZERO Stock, Save the World Air, STWA, STWA Stock, Save the World Air Stock, ZERO Stock PriceA price surge in the penny stock of  Save the World Air Inc. (ZERO) on Monday off no news or SEC filings sent shares to a near double since late May. The Company, focused on product development and marketing of proprietary devices designed to reduce operation costs of petrochemical pipeline transport and fuel efficiency of diesel engines saw ZERO stock be a hero for long investors. The question is out there, for now, as to whether someone has wind of a government contract on the horizon.

This the 3rd, and longest, rally of ZERO stock this year, up 41.86% since we last reported on them, and it looks like the surge Monday is indicative of something much bigger in the short-term.

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ZERO Stock, Save the World Air, STWA, STWA Stock, Save the World Air Stock, ZERO Stock PriceZERO Stock Chart

Market Cap: 78.36M
Close: 0.61, up 0.10 (19.61%)
Volume: 346,351
Dollar Volume: $196,037
High: 0.63
Low: 0.51
Trades: 93
Average Trade Size: 3,724
Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 128,461,034

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You’ve probably heard of the energy returned on energy invested ratio, or EROEI. Back when Columbus Marion Joiner failed to strike oil twice, his Daisy Bradford No. 3 well solidified his fame in October, 1930 creating the birth of the East Texas oil field, the largest oil and gas field in the U. S. Back then, it took one barrel of oil to discover and produce one hundred barrels. That’s what we consider cheap oil.

Unfortunately, the ratio has dropped incredibly since then and that’s exactly what Save the World Air, STWA, is looking to capitalize on.

A month ago, commercial manufacturing of STWA’s second-generation Applied Oil Technology™ (AOT™) was beefed up after months of rigorous engineering, physics support from STWA co-development partner Temple University, and manufacturing support from the Company’s supply chain members. The AOT™ 2.0, the final, compulsory stage in STWA’s commercialization process, has a continuous duty flow rate of over 5,000 gallons per minute, ASME certification, Class I Div II components, and the ability to be installed in parallel to handle any commercial scale pipeline flow rate.

Although expenses have been funded through the sale of ZERO stock, convertible notes and the exercise of warrants, Save the World Air has taken actions to secure the intellectual property rights to the AOT™ and ELEKTRA™ technologies and is the worldwide exclusive licensee for patent pending technologies associated with the development of ELEKTRA™. These, eventually, will be the money makers for STWA.

About ZERO Stock

Save the World Air, Inc. designs, licenses and develops products to reduce operational costs for oil pipelines, and improve fuel economy and reduce emissions from diesel-powered internal combustion engines.  The Company is a green technology company that leverages a suite of patented, patent-pending and licensed intellectual properties related to the treatment of fuels.

The Company’s technology has two commercial applications; AOT™, Applied Oil Technology, and ELEKTRA™ and legacy technologies of ZEFS and MK IV.  AOT™ and ELEKTRA™ are nearing the end of the product development cycle, which the Company believes will culminate at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center which will determine the value of savings the product presents at full scale operation on an active pipeline.

Bottom Line: Oil exploration penny stocks will always be hyped up and huge speculative prospects based on striking oil. With ZERO focused more on the delivery process of that oil faster, and more efficiently, it’s only a matter of time.

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