Arcis Resources Corp. (ARCS) Could Be A Player This Week

Sifting through all the crap on the OTC to find a potential winner is like going through a football team’s jock straps in search for the one or two that don’t have piss stains on them.  While the thought may be graphic in detail, there is much truth to it, metaphorically speaking, when you look into what potential Arcis Resources Corp. (OTC PINK: ARCS) has based on their lack of information, a sporadic trading pattern, and the claimed entry into a sector, marijuana, which is saturated with more botched outcomes than those from unlicensed plastic surgeons from South America working out of their garages.

Despite the negative connotations and the need to be aware if a press release should happen to be distributed, ARCS stock has some eagerness behind it which could be a reason to deal with it during the course of this week.

Last: 0.003      Change: +0.0004      Volume: 7,423,560


ARCS Chart


In researching Arcis Resources Corp., the first point of reference is OTCMarkets which shows that the company has not filed any updates since their Dec 31, 2014 Annual Report.  Rather than waste time trying to dissect an MS Word produced financial statement for the pinky, the key number for ARCS is displayed for all to see on their profile page; Float: 5,515,000 (a/o Jul 15, 2011).

With that number embedded in the minds of those willing to monitor ARCS stock, news from June 25 about the company’s plans for a new line of hemp seed coffee pods which are stated to be a mix between hemp seeds and premium Colombian coffee beans.  The news did nothing to help ARCS shares move upward when it was released, but rather allowed for just over 20 million shares, or 4X the reported float, to trade, and has since been bouncing around between 0.0025 and 0.005.

The same effect was seen in April when Arcis Resources reported it was developing an app for iPhone/Android users that will allow marijuana smokers to upload pictures, comment on them, Instant message their friends with pictures and messages.  I could be wrong, but there might be a couple of apps out there called Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which already provide that service. Nevertheless, the news was an opportunity to dump ARCS shares from .08 to under .01 on almost no volume.

With PR’s clearly being dump opportunities, it’s worth noting that there is a lot of chatter taking place on message boards which could produce the spiking effect that ARCS shareholders are hoping for.  Just a couple of the last posts from the top crusader for a breakout on ARCS are headlined accordingly:

  • ARCS was .082 back in April .003 now
  • ARCS .04 in june RSI 29 @ 70
  • ARCS Bullish Harami candle formed Friday

It may be true that traders hate to count their chickens before they hatch based on the popularity and sentiment of an anonymous message board known for more gossip than the Real Housewives of Wherever.  However, the potential running of ARCS stems from the same potential which catapulted DIBZ International Inc. (DIBZ) last week and Stragenics Inc. (ASAB) the week before that.

Having watched Friday’s session fizzle out towards the end to close at .003, the momentum is there for this little ticker to display a 2X or 3X play opportunity if it can follow the lines of DIBZ stock and ASAB shares.  If that’s the case, having ARCS atop the breakout watchlist to start the week could provide some free money to trade with as the week progresses.


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