DIDG Stock Could See $33.93 With Their Spaghetti Westerns

Are you one of the traders scratching your head trying to figure out why The Digital Development Group Corp. (DIDG) penny stock gained 50% since July 16th? If you think it’s because of the OTT, Over-the-Top, internet channels they are planning to launch with the footage from “Something Weird”, a #2Flusher collection of old skin flicks and spaghetti westerns, you are sadly mistaken. DIDG stock has been gaining in line with the launch of several webvertisements calling Digidev the next $2.5 – $3.0 billion dollar Google takeover courtesy of Eric Dany’s Stock Prospector.

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DIDG Stock Webvertisement

The above image is just the beginning of a 4,000 plus word spewage of how DIDG could be $$33.93 with a buyout offer from Google, Comcast, or AT&T. The entire report can viewed at these locations, all of which were registered on June 7th via GoDaddy:

  • didgnewsreport.com
  • didgnewsinfo.com
  • didgreporting.com
  • didgreport.com
  • didgreportinfo.com
  • didginfo.com
  • didgnews.com

About DIDG Stock

The Digital Development Group Corp. was founded by CEO Martin W. Greenwald and President Joe Q. Bretz, who have extensive experience in the entertainment industry. Mr. Greenwald blah, blah, blah, while Mr. Bretz started working on filler, fluff, filler, etc. Given Greenwald’s success in licensing content and Bretz and Verdoni’s technological know how, the company is well positioned to be a leader in the Internet television revolution.

All things considered, their isn’t much up-to-date info since the April 10 Share Exchange when the Company issued 18,000,000 shares, approximately 37.5% of the ownership interest, when Regency Resources acquired Digidev. Prior to that, as of December 31, 2011 there were a total of 73,500,000 shares issued and outstanding. Under the Form S-1, the Company registered 28,950,000 shares, 39.39%, of the issued shares leaving 44,550,000 shares, 60.62%, of the outstanding shares as restricted shares. Of the restricted shares,

  • Jane H. C. Brooke held 27,000,000
  • Russell L. James held 17,550,000

All of the 19,500,000, 26.5% of the outstanding shares, held by Dragan Bozanic were free of any restrictions.

Bottom Line: DIDG stock is in full pump mode and no emailed penny stock alerts are needed to confirm that. It was strange to see how DIDG stock price closed at 0.80 with $334,708 in volume, 438,733 shares, and 191 trades. Trade it, flip it, watch it or don’t watch it. Looking back to Oryon Technologies and how they performed off a similar webvertisement, there’s a good chance that this is the early stages of what could be a decent August for Digidev stock.

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