Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (THCZ) Gets Torched, Now What?

Marijuana StocksThe hottest penny stock on the OTC since February 1, Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (OTC PINK: THCZ) , didn’t pull off the April Fool’s Day joke traders expected, but rather announced that a distribution agreement had been “inked” with the North Texas Mountain Valley Spring Water Company.  Shares of THCZ stock soared making all of those who sold already kick themselves as shares hit 0.32, up 3664% since the end of January, 148% from their opening price on March 27.  Yet when the “skull and crossbones” was issued to the ticker and an announcement was issued an hour after today’s open that “there has not been any paid promotions to promote the company’s stock,” the fire was already lit and the torching of the profit farm made e three day weekend that much longer for those who got stuck holding their bags.

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We know for sure that one special AimHigh follower went Totally Hemp Crazy, but wasn’t stupid enough to hold on to try and reach the peak of the non-pumped pump and dump of the marijuana stock.  Capturing gains of over 900% over the course of roughly seven weeks, anyone who jumped into THCZ stock this week for anything more than a few hours would have had to have been high seeing as how even an aspiring model can do enough due diligence to see that gravity was due to take its toll.

The announcement shortly after today’s open from Jerry Grisaffi and the Investor Relations for THCZ, The Eversull Group, Inc., made it short and quick in an attempt to save THCZ shares for totally incinerating before the three day weekend.  “Any newsletters that may have mentioned THCZ have nothing to do with the company in terms of compensation and definitely have not been authorized. The company has no intentions to hire a stock promoter at any time in the foreseeable future.”

Pissing on a fire in an attempt to put it out has never been very successful, but it was enough to buy some time so that volume could exceed its previous record levels by ending the session with 73,242,492 shares traded: more than $14.57 million in total.  For those looking for a quick summary of what actually happened, this video pretty much sums it all up in less than 2 minutes:


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Bottom Line:

It’s time to move on from THCZ and look for the next penny stock to provide 10-bagger gains. Perhaps it’s CSOC.

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