VTMB | Waves Swelling Up For Heavy Vitamin Blue Volume

Dude, so like I was paddling around the OTC beach searching for that killer wave to set up and I saw this penny stock, Vitamin Blue, Inc. (OTC: VTMB). At first I was stoked ’cause the it looks like only kookmeyers have been on this one so far. Then when the Company said like their sales went up like over 25% since last year, I was like “why did VTMB stock set a new low?” So, (Sounds: bubbles of water from the bong) I thought, maybe only hardcore traders who know how to rip the lip are gonna be in this one on Tuesday and I was like “sweet,” this is surely one to watch and paddle out on Tuesday morning.

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VTMB Stock Chart

Market Cap: 66.18M
Last: *0.0938  -0.0462 (-33.00%)
Volume: 219,513
Dollar Volume: $23,181
Open: 0.14
High: 0.14
Low: 0.085
Trades: 39
Authorized: 900,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 575,445,000
Insiders: 510,075,000 (96.9 %)
* = After Market Closing Price

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The first time I went to Waimea Bay, HI in 1991, the story on the beach was the same as it is everywhere in the world: “Dude, you should have been here yesterday. The waves were epic!” The same kind of holds true for Vitamin Blue in the sense that you should have been one of the persons to get VTMB stock on the cheap during the first nine months of 2012.

Between January 1, and September 30 of last year, 43.3 million shares went out; 23.3 million at $0.0012 to James Yeung (see here) in the conversion of promissory notes worth $27,960 and another 20 million shares to Jonathan Brennan (see here) for services at fair value of $40,000. The likelihood if those VTMB shares being involved somehow in Tuesday’s trading session are as likely as sharks being in the waters of a big surf location.

However, Vitamin Blue has sales under its belt so the PR was no fluff. For the nine months ended September 30, 2012, the last 10-Q filed with the SEC, the company booked nearly $100,000 in sales with a gross profit of over 42%. That’s pretty damn good when you consider they supply retail items. Their total operating expenses for the nine months ended were only $126,797 which indicates that some net profits from operations could very well line up some sweet waves to ride during 2013.

About VTMB Stock

Vitamin Blue, Inc., focused on building and maintaining a strong foundation at the core surf market level by distributing products to surfboard manufacturers and surf shops, designs, manufactures, and distributes surf wear and surfing accessories. Click here to view the SEC filings for VTMB.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
01/07/13 0.1150 -0.0150 -11.54% 219,513
01/04/13 0.1300 +0.0150 +13.04% 115,500
12/26/12 0.1150 -0.6237 -84.43% 300
12/21/12 0.7387 -0.0113 -1.51% 400
12/07/12 0.7500 unch unch 300


Bottom Line: For the most part, VTMB can be treated as an IPO type penny stock since trading has really only had two consecutive sessions, Friday of last week and Monday. All jokes aside, VTMB stock could be another OMVE whereby Vitamin Blue’s strategy revolves around the fashion, function and performance of their products. With a few celebrity/athlete endorsements, this could easily see triple digit gains before the beginning of summer, especially if they can get into Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Nordstrom.

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