TAGG | TagLikeMe Stock Worth It’s Weight In Clean Underwear

TAGG stock, TagLikeMe, TAGG scam, TAGG pump, pennystocks.comShares in the “#1 pick of the year” for the Awesome Penny Stocks crew, TagLikeMe Corp. (TAGG), has been anything but a #1 pick thus far. Topping out at 0.28 on day one of the TAGG stock pump, the newest addition to the slayed companies hasn’t been able to break past 0.18 let alone head towards the new 0.50 target the penny stock alerts are calling for. Yet now that the Company has commenced development of the mobile Windows Surface 8 Tablet App, they are surely worth “a modest $500 million buyout” — when pigs fly or when Tagg Romney becomes the spokesperson.

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TAGG stock, TagLikeMe, TAGG scam, TAGG pump, pennystocks.comTAGG Stock Chart

Market Cap: 41.73M
Close: 0.1261, up 0.0142 (12.69%)
Volume: 13,478,615
Dollar Volume: $1,597,693
High: 0.129
Low: 0.113
Trades: 1,127
Average Trade Size: 11,959

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This space left blank intentionally. See Bottom Line:

About TAGG Stock

TagLikeMe Corp. is a penny stock pump and dump catered by the Awesome Penny Stocks crew. Eventually, those not in the know and those with 56.6kbs internet speeds for their online trading platforms will look similar to some of the NSRS, SNPK, GWBU and PRTN believers:

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Bottom Line: TAGG has churned long enough for penny stock traders and its time for WDCO (Wilson Davis Co.) to crap or get off the pot. They already drove up PacWest Equities (PWEI) from its short attack to start the week which means they could spend some time driving up TAGG stock now so that the plug on both bath tubs can be pulled simultaneously creating a trading frenzy.

Keep TAGG stock on your watchlist only if you are an experienced trader who has successfully achieved perfect attendance in your “how to trade with Level II” class.

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