AZFL | Lots Of Wood Hardening For Amazonas Florestal Shares

AZFL Stock, Amazonas Florestal Inc.Folklore proclaims that it took five storks to carry legendary lumberjack Paul Bunyan when he was an infant to drop him off at his parents’ home. Penny stock traders that it takes five bags to carry home the money to be made on the recently updated Amazonas Florestal Inc. (AZFL). With claims that the Company’s forests contain millions of cubic meters of harvestable timber, speculators are hoping that Bunyan’s Babe, the Blue Ox, can plow AZFL stock through the bid prices to bag the potential  from the Brazilian rainforest timber harvester.

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AZFL Stock, Amazonas Florestal Inc.AZFL Stock Chart

Market Cap:  28.13M
Close: 0.07, up 0.013 (22.81%)
Volume: 1,017,096
Dollar Volume: $66,031
High: 0.07
Low: 0.06
Trades: 31
Average Trade Size: 32,809
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 401,880,000

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Amazonas Florestal plans to become the leading innovator of sustainable forest management and generate profit while protecting the biodiversity of the rain forest ecosystem and enhancing the lives of the people who live in it. In order to do that, they are gonna need some cash which was only $657 as of their June 30, 2012 financials.

The one big thing they have going fr them is the value they carry on the books for the 90,108 acres of virgin rainforest land they lay claim to. With a book value of $46.98M, the current market capitalization of AZFL stock, 28.13M, would indicate that the fair value of the Company is well below where it should be. The Company also carries on its books Inventory valued at $90K.

According to their financial report, the inventories consist of two forest management plans purchased in 2011. Dos ramos I has 979.12 hectares with an approved license for the extraction of 10,086.548 cubic meters of various species of semi-hard and hardwoods of a commercial demand, both within the region and globally. Dos Ramos II contains 1,351.79 hectares of which 4,701.947 cubic meters of timber which is also authorized for extraction. Operation Licenses are said to be number 371/10 and 538/10, respectively, as authorized by IPAAM.

That’s a lot of wood! — That’s what she said!

About AZFL Stock

Amazonas Florestal Inc. is a diversified forest product company focused on sustainable forestry practices. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, with timber operations in Brazil, the Company owns large tracks of land, 90,108 acres of virgin rainforest, in the Brazilian State of Amazonas, Brazil whereby the Company’s mission is committed to sustainable management of the forest as a supplier of hardwood timber to a diversified worldwide customer base.

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Bottom Line: AZFL began loading its penny stock on the OTC on Wednesday dropping the PPS down from 0.12 to 0.05. AZFL stock opened Thursday the 25th at 0.03 where some eager beavers got into the 3,403,900 shares traded. FWIW, the stock is fresh and action is likely to happen here soon so keep a close watch on Amazonas Florestal — you might just get some Paul Bunyan sized gains off this.

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