CETC | Clean Enviro Tech Has Sky Power Solutions Alright

CETC Stock, Clean Enviro Tech, SPOW, Li-Ion Motors, Sky Power Solutions Corp.It’s been just over 2 months now since we told traders to watch the penny stock of Clean Enviro Tech Corp. (CETC), fka Sky Power Solutions Corp. (SPOW). Other than changing their DBA and reversing splitting 50-for-1, we thought the old pump looked like it had hit bottom at just under a dime. As the same old Company trying to make next generation lithium-ion powered batteries, CETC stock burst yesterday to $1.59, up 1,345% since added to our watch list and, with the news they are pumping out which is targeting the German’s for the most part, a blitzkrieg of gains are likely to keep coming.

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Market Cap: 15.15M
Wednesday Close: 1.54 ▲ +0.17 (+12.41%)
Volume: 122,200
Dollar Volume: $176,310
Open: 1.50
High: 1.59
Low: 1.38
Trades: 130
Authorized: 10,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 9,838,721
1st Resistance Point: 1.6267
2nd Resistance Point: 1.7133
1st Support Level: 1.4167

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Still without a single $1 in the revenue column, the once pumped to be one of the top 10 penny stocks traded last July has taken its shares restructuring and PR campaign to a whole new level. Looking towards the Germans to give attention to the booming solar industry India appears to be embarking on, Clean Enviro Tech has listed itself on the Berlin Exchange, A1KB22, as well as Frankfurt, S03A, allowing for the BR’s to be able to make the Europeans think their money is safe at home.

Last week, Clean Enviro Tech announced that they had entered into a Licensing Agreement for manufacturing, marketing and distribution rights of the Skypower Dish for India on the same day they filed their Q for the 3 months ended April 30, 2013. The only asset carried on the Company’s books was Equipment originally valued at $131,455 which Cash was has been almost fully depreciated sown to $18,696.

What we noticed back in April when we added CETC stock to our watch list was that the Company had no ability to dilute this POS anymore. Having changed their name and ticker symbol from Sky Power Solutions (SPOW) to Clean Enviro Tech (CETC), there were no more authorized shares to dish out like was done last summer when SPOW went on the pump. In March there was already 9,838,163 issued and outstanding of the 10,000,000 authorized. Once news came out in early May which highlighted the German ticker symbols in the headline, it was a no brainer as to why when VIP members were asking: Do you think getting some CETC is worth a shite?

About CETC Stock

Clean Enviro Tech Corp., fka Sky Power Solutions Corp. (SPOW), following the merger with the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary on December 24, 2012 which was formed for the sole purpose of merging with its parent, continues to work on the further development of the lithium batteries technology licensed from Terra Inventions Corp., fka Li-ion Motors Corp. (LIMO), the Company’s former parent.

Click here to view the SEC filings for CETC.
Click here to view the website for Clean Enviro Tech.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
06/19/13 1.5400 +0.1700 +12.41% 122,200
06/18/13 1.3700 +0.1100 +8.73% 161,000
06/17/13 1.2600 +0.3900 +44.83% 184,900
06/14/13 0.8700 +0.0700 +8.75% 106,200
06/13/13 0.8000 +0.2250 +39.13% 362,900


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Bottom Line:

Call it what you want, CETC has been a smoking hot penny stock over the last 2 months, gaining over 2,000% since it hit .08 on April 22. With the momentum this pig is charging with and the lack of DD most European traders do on these name/ticker changed old pumps, CETC stock could easily push itself above and beyond $2 before you can say schnitzel 5X.

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