ECAU | Echo Automotive Promotion Confirmed! Who’s Next?

Penny Stock PromotionOne of the penny stocks picked to be a runner, Echo Automotive Inc. (ECAU), shot out the gate Friday after the Bredford Group unleashed it as their newest pick.  Seasoned traders loaded up with ECAU stock early on the possibility having experienced the run Stevia First Corp. (STVF) brought last March, gaining over 375% in less than one month. With their Technical Advisory Board, of which Arie Luyendyk, two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500, is a member, its off to the races with Echo as well as a few other penny stocks to watch.

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Pre-Promotion Penny Stock List

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
ECAU 0.88 +10.00% 916,080 1,043,456 510
GNIN 0.66 +1.54% 1,698,205 2,654,222 231
USTU 0.35 +9.38% 36,640 109,713 32
ADMC 0.65 -4.40% 52,519 80,211 18
LOVI 0.20 +5.26%  1,000 5.000 1

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While expectations are for Echo Automotive’s ECAU to perform similar to Stevia First’s STVF, alerted here at $0.85 (285%), Green Innovations Ltd. (GNIN) saw a huge amount of interest on Friday and could/should be the next one to be confirmed. Traders loaded up on GNIN stock, almost all of which was at $0.65, with expectations that an “A” list campaign is set to begin shortly.

US Tungsten Corp. (USTU) saw a full of week of pre-promo flipping and positioning with similar expectations. Having gone deep enough into the Tungsten mine of USTU stock, this looks much more like a short-term play than one which will see a $2-3 million dollar support base under it.

On the flip side of the penny, Americas Diamond Corp. (ADMC) saw roughly half a million shares change hands before closing last week on the appointment of Mr. Daniel Martinez as President and CEO. The PR is indicative that ADMC stock is about to move and should be picked up by one of the longer runners that’s not Awesome Penny Stocks.

The one sleeper on the list is that of One2One Living Corporation (LOVI). As we predicted when we first discovered it, LOVI stock will eventually rally after filing their 8-K on new years eve confirming the online and mobile social community that provides single men and women what we believe is an easy and efficient way to meet people, connect and find lifestyle resources such as local events, singles-friendly venues and travel. The first share trade went through on Friday which is typically a test of the Emergency Broadcast System — it was only a test.

About Pre-Promotion Penny Stocks

Getting in front of a promotion is a risky venture since price adjustments and “tree shaking” to chase out the front loaders can, and does, occur quite frequently. Beyond that, sometimes these set ups can go south, even with all the stars aligned for the greatest penny stock of all time as many saw with Georgetown Corp. (GTCP).

Bottom Line: ECAU stock is confirmed, gaining $0.19 at Friday’s high from our pre-promotion alert, and needs to be on the penny stocks to watch list. GNIN s expected to see a ton of action this week while ADMC and USTU look as if they will also see similar churn-trading during the week until a confirmation is issued. LOVI is as real as The Psychic Friends Network (PFNI) is so expect to see that one spotlighted in the coming weeks as well.

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