FARE | Interview Provides Hope For A Bounce In World Moto

Awesome Penny Stocks picks, The Next Awesome Penny Stocks Pick, One month has now past since the “End of the World” predictions of the Mayan calendar and we’re still alive and kicking. A few of the once hot penny stocks are also still floundering around after they also failed to meet the predictions that were issued out on their “next big thing” on the OTC markets. While many will want to look for a bounce play on Tuesday since Awesome Penny Stocks next pick apparently “got leaked,” two of their most recent picks, FARE and SVEN, hit new lows on Friday and could offer a better bounce play than the other big losers that were active at the end of the last trading session.

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Top 5 Penny Stocks For Bounce Plays Tuesday, Jan. 22

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
FARE 0.0311 -35.34% 2,639,831 65,197,250 1,817
ZPPB 0.21 -24.19% 2,004,520 9,791,071 1,525
VKML 0.0221 -59.67% 956,775 36,301,517 1,115
VUME 0.285 -13.64% 893,506 2,763,912 479
COWI 0.0011 -52.17% 265,274 173,437,128 352

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The bounce play on the Awesome Penny Stocks pick from early December, Superior Venture Corporation (SVEN), already offered up a very liquid rebound which we targeted a few weeks ago. The SVEN stock bounce from .01 to above .03 was able to bring in a 200% plus gain and still liquid enough to sustain and support a trade above $2,000.  Although the shares hit a new low on Friday, 0.008, this one is cooked enough to offer nothing more than some charred bits of once medium rare tenderloin.

The latest abandonment, World Moto Inc. (FARE), A1J8SY for those getting pitched over the blower, is still very active and the latest press release could be a loading tool which traders should use to look for an early entry point.

Over the weekend, World Moto announced that CBN-iTV conducted an in depth telephone interview with the Company’s management who are still fluffing the “$500 billion dollar a year motorcycle taxi industry” with their Moto-Meter invention, the world’s first motorcycle taxi meter. While no one really cares if USA Financial Marketplace Update, the first finance TV channel in China which is on the boob-tube nightly during the baby making hours of 10PM and 11PM in China, the focus is on FARE stock and the week of red it provided last week.

Other bounce play candidates, Zippy Bags, Inc. (ZPPB) and VuMee Inc. (VUME) are both still active and offering nothing more than taking up a slot on the actively traded list at present. While Viking Minerals Inc. (VKML) won’t be touched by many after TBX pulled out of it as their “new pick” back in early September, the “greed factor” of playing a bounce can’t overcome the memory of the money lost from the 3-hour VKMD promotion.

With CoroWare Inc. (COWI) ending its week on a tree-day skid after going “Psycho” to start the week, the liquidity just isn’t there for a play worth more than the price of admission.

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If you are looking to play the bounce on any of these penny stocks, search for a squishy landing whereby you don’t need to hit rock bottom before squeezing out a fistful of dollars for a quickie this morning.

FARE Stock: Last 5 Trading Sessions

Date Last Change % Change Volume
01/18/13 0.0311 -0.0170 -35.34% 65,197,199
01/17/13 0.0481 -0.0060 -11.09% 54,180,000
01/16/13 0.0541 -0.0204 -27.38% 33,697,000
01/15/13 0.0745 -0.0075 -9.15% 24,496,500
01/14/13 0.0820 -0.0029 -3.42% 20,784,500


Click here to view the SEC filings for World Moto Inc.

Bottom Line: The shortened trading week will kick off with two high profiled fresh penny stocks, MKRS and WUHN. Other than that, the money made on Tuesday will come from traders who understand how to actually trade and not follow the flock. Of all the highly active OTC stock that got crushed last week, FARE looks best for a bounce play especially if it can get into the mid-to-low 2’s in the first few minutes of trading.

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