Fetch Fido: All American Pets Co.’s AAPT Stock For the Dogs?

Shares in All American Pet Company, Inc. (Pinksheets: AAPT) stock closed one cent off the HOD at $0.47, up 56.67%. Volume on the penny shares was 40X the 3 month average in the last trading session. AAPT stock has been on a run since their mid-February low gaining 370% since. The Company announced on Wednesday the expansion of its sales force, tripling the total number of field representatives due to excessive demand of its newest product innovation PAWTIZER™, the first antibacterial paw wipe and spray for dogs. The question though; Is AAPT stock WunderDog or Snoop Dogg?

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AAPT Stock Chart:

For three consecutive days, All American Pet has issued press releases via Market wire (see here) about it new products: PAWTIZER and MUTT Food For Dogs, premium brand of dry kibble. Excellent news for all those dog lovers out there. However, with the costs involved with issuing press releases via Marketwire, an estimated $85 each, rather than the 8 released thus far in 2012, why doesn’t the executive board of AAPT get their financial filings in order and update shareholders?

The last filings from AAPT are for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2010 which are about as attractive as watching a dog crap on someone’s lawn. The Company reported cash on hand of $114. For $114 bucks you couldn’t even take your dog to a groomer and feed him for a week with your own “on the go” canine products. They had net sales of $20 which isn’t even dinner for two at Olive Garden and a ‘doggie bag” to take home. How can those numbers justify the 221,213,571 shares outstanding as of December 31, 2010?

And, if you want percentages, the Company’s operating margin was -32,356,910.71% That’s one big turd of a number. (see here)

About AAPT Stock:

All American Pet Company, Inc., a reporting public company with executive offices in Beverly Hills, California, was incorporated on February 13, 2003.  The Company produces, markets, and sells super premium dog food under the brand names Grrr-nola®Natural Dog Food and BowWow Breakfast® Heart Healthy Dog Food.  Additionally, the Company has developed a full line of super premium nutritional bars that contain a full 8-ounce “dog” meal in a 4-ounce bar.  These bars are a portable, convenient, and healthy meal replacement or snack.  The Company believes that this new form of super premium dog food will revolutionize the industry for the dog “on the go.”

Bottom Line: The performance of AAPT in the past 4 months represents nothing more than further dilution of the penny stock. Unlike Wunderdog, seems more like a haze of Snoop Dogg’s exhale is holding up the price of these shares at present and the risk involved with this mover is like playing in traffic on I-95 during rush hour. Like they say: “If you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.”

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