From Russia With Love: Starstream Entertainment (SSET)

The first quasi-full trading week of November proved one thing to pessimistic penny stock traders: there is a ton of money to be made if you follow the flow. Despite a conspiracy-like, temporary halting of the OTC due to a “quotation glitch” on the same day that Twitter Inc. (TWTR) debuted on the NYSE, buying and selling proved to those who abandoned the market because they thought everything promoted was due to be halted or dumped. As we head into Monday, here are a few penny stocks to watch which are either flying too high or just getting their cameras rolling.

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Penny Stocks To Watch This Week

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
ADSU 0.0416 -16.80% 856,849 11,897,090 768
PGLO 0.319 +27.60% 785,293 2,633,390 696
SEEK 0.0054 -3.57% 861,011 153,026,999 693
FLPC 0.0699 +10.95% 741,077 10,995,663 530
NVGC 0.30 +14.50% 635,818 2,190,154 426
PHOT 0.093 +5.68% 679,519 7,564,245 429
MDDD 1.38 -3.50% 149,008 109,603 154
SSET 1.30 -10.96% 1,300 1,000 1

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Say goodbye to Aden Solutions, Inc. (ADSU), in the dark with no current filings for over a year now, after it got a “look what I can do” pump on the halt-shortened Thursday session. Having never issued any kind of PR or updates from the corporate HQ, ADSU stock became a victim of Top Stock Picks followers gapping up at the open by +0.035 (233.33%) at 0.05 and rushing to 0.24 before slamming the door shut at the open price after 4,121,100 shares traded. The “Stop Sign” issued ticker did much of he same Friday, opening at 0.118 to crumble down, closing just above the LOD of 0.04.

PGLO Stock ChartBecoming the first of 3 big-money promotions at the end of October, Pan Global Corp. (PGLO) shook their tail feathers Tuesday and Wednesday, dipping from a high of 0.90 to as low as 0.28. The forced flushing caused any trader who may have been watching PGLO stock to lose interest as volume fell from 12,982,200 on Monday to as little as 2,633,300 Friday. While the $1 or better promos, Endeavor IP, Inc. (ENIP) and Bison Petroleum, Corp. (BISN), which soon followed the Indian Hydro Plant developer, have either stayed the course or rebounded nicely, the alarm bells were rung on this one thanks to a SA contributor.

FLPC Stock ChartFor two completely different reasons, two Nevada focused mining stocks, First Liberty Power Corp. (FLPC) and Nevada Gold Corp. (NVGC), are attracting a tremendous amount of attention in recent sessions. FLPC stock has been on a wicked run since earlier in the year even though reports of their detonation of the first blast and commencement of stibnite ore (antimony) extraction last month did little to spike to price. What has happened has been a steady a consistent run since October began making the traders who got in from March to August about 1,650% richer on paper.

NVGC Stock ChartSpeaking of paper, NVGC stock finally kicked off their hard mail campaign to grab some cash and sell the idea of becoming a gold an silver miner in the Nevada desert. Focusing on the geographic area where numerous pump and dumps have banged in some big money over the past few years, Nevada Gold informed the world of a historic event last week: the expansion of their board of directors and formation of a technical advisory committee to assist the Company in participating in Nevada’s latest gold rush. This latest piece in the book of Moses s an early one which indicates there is still some time before the implosion comes.

PHOT Stock ChartFor the weed lover’s on the OTC, Growlife, Inc. (PHOT) came within striking distance last week of hitting that 0.10 ceiling that it last visited in early February. having been on a run since early September worth 200%, PHOT stock has always been one of the better marijuana focused investments since their LED lighting equipment is essential for that crystallized THC, which we have all grown to appreciate, to form. Being that the upcoming Q3 reports are due to some out, selling into the sure-to-be record breaking revenues is a great way to bring in some paper bling.

MDDD Stock ChartFor the new promo lover’s, Makism 3D Corp., Inc. (MDDD), manned by 3 20-something’s from the U.K., went live this past week after launching their 3D printer driven website. Grabbing a ton of attention after dumping the price of MDDD $6.00 to $1.16 on Wednesday, the $1 level we were looking for to enter never came about after those wanting to get in front of the next ONVO type run bought shares and brought the share price back up to as high as $2 Friday. With a very promising approach to getting their “nothing more than an idea” of a 3D printer, the “Wideboy”, into the hands of buyers, this is one worth paying very close attention to.

SEEK Stock, Inc (SEEK) continues to amaze traders who rarely venture into sub-penny land with it’s week long, top 10 penny stocks traded placing. For the first 6 months of 2013, there was barely even a fart’s worth of momentum on SEEK stock until a group got a couple bucks thrown at them. The July run fizzled out after just 4 trading sessions, but this recent run has some believers looking for a .01 exit on their .004 average entry positions. The non-serious threat to Google promised to release their Audited 2012 report as well as their Q3, 2013 report Friday after the close and failed to disappoint holders of the 2,697,521,297 freely tradable shares until they actually read them.

The most interesting of all the penny stocks to watch heading into Monday could be Starstream Entertainment, Inc. (SSET), fka Gelia Group, Corp (GEIA), which is set to begin trading as SSET stock tomorrow. Once planning to be a 3D printer manufacturer from Russia, Gelia Group shredded their plans by allowing Kim Leadford, CEO, and Charles Bonan, Chaimrman and co-founder, to bring a rising star in the entertainment industry to market. Claiming to mitigate risk prior to the initiation of any production, if the story line is as true as is depicted with their Academy Award nominated cast members of movies, the plot could thicken on this one thicker than grandma’s turkey gravy.

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Bottom Line:

These are just a couple of penny stocks worth watching as Monday trading is set to kickoff in less than 13 hours. SSET stock is definitely one to have n the radar screen with MDDD coming in a close 2nd. The rest, especially SEEK, can all be looked at for dip entries if playing the bounce is your forte. The week will bring a dozen or so new tickers to watch, including our Wednesday opening bell alert, so keep your fingers on the trigger and your free time doing some due diligence.

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