Top Penny Stocks Not Named USmart Mobile Device (UMDI)

UMDIUDaMan if you avoided getting stuck in the penny stock of USmart Mobile Device Inc. (UMDI) after 943 newsletters (slightly exaggerated) sent out alerts on it as a list building exercise. Gaining exactly 198% on the very first trade of the day, UMDI stock churned between 0.105 and 0.155 for the rest of the session which might have possibly allowed for the luckiest trader to see a 45% gain on what’s now a “skull and crossbones” OTC ticker. Instead, those who followed us pre-market stuck their confidence it what is going to be an amazing run on Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FMCC) heading into 2014.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded Thursday

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
FNMA 3.06 +16.79% 326,320,652 112,920,357 19,507
FMCC 2.90 +18.85% 138,740,218 51,650,172 9,598
STPFQ 0.70 +39.97% 3,220,790 5,161,775 1,764
NNRX 0.605 -11.29% 1,850,750 3,053,723 1,039
GSAT 1.75 +2.94% 11,054,386 6,264,663 1,021
ENIP 0.9581 -17.41% 1,039,654 1,054,736 773
SLCO 1.06 +15.22% 898,870 860,026 770
LIFS 1.51 +4.14% 1,898,903 1,259,496 729
NVGC 0.33 +37.50% 972,490 3,323,984 714
SEEK 0.0024 -40.00% 835,534 289,914,962 684

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By now, you’ve probably had the chance to try and digest what exactly is going on with the Bruce Berkowitz, bka Fairholme Fund (FAIRX), and their bid to purchase Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FMCC). With a time frame of mid 2014 to get a deal done, if it is ultimately accepted, it could ultimately mean that the FNMA and FMCC preferred shares are removed as a senior claim on the run-off value and common shareholders would be next in line after the government is repaid.

The ratio stated in the Farholme proposal was 79.9% to the Treasury and 20.1% to common shareholders.

From the $187 billion that the U.S. government loaned to the two groups in the big bailout of 2008, $185 billion is the estimate of what will have been paid back by the end of this year and the U.S. Treasury receiving the remainder in Q1, 2014. This seems to be a very conservative estimate considering Fannie Mae booked net income of $8.7 billion in Q3.

Our take on the proposed buyout is this: as stupid as the government may be when it comes to making business decisions, letting go of one your best producing money makers without any resistance is not going to happen. Basically, a pimp wouldn’t let his best girl go work for another pimp without a couple of slaps to keep her in check and stay the course of lining his pockets.

This could ultimately call for a push of government funds buying shares of FNMA and FMCC stock in advance of the ultimate change of ownership which should lead to new 52 week highs for the two.

Beyond the obvious, 3 penny stocks getting pimped their own way, Nevada Gold Corp. (NVGC), Life Stem Genetics Inc. (LIFS) and Sovereign Lithium, Inc. (SLCO) all made their way onto the top 10 penny stocks traded list today. Stock Castle took on the responsibility of informing the trading wold about NVGC stock while hard mailers began arriving on LIFS stock. The uncovering of the round 2 pumping of SLCO stock we discussed yesterday.

Endeavor IP, Inc. (ENIP), however, as creative and hilarious as their ad campaign may be, suffered a blow to their share price. Yesterday’s SA article, “A $45 Million Company Worth $0” pretty much confirmed what everyone already knew about ENIP stock, cutting their life expectancy into half of what was already short and putting them into the “swing it for 10% at best” category.

Gotta admit though, the ad campaign is pretty ingenious:

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