Hot Stocks: Brownie’s Marine Group (BWMG) 3,650% Gains

One of the penny stock picks we have made was done as a personal favorite on a business which we have patronized for over two decades in our lovely hometown of Fort Lauderdale. Because we owned shares in the company, we felt it to be unethical to write a “blooming” profile about them. Since we sold the last remaining portion of shares which we purchased through an online broker just like all of you do, we feel it’s time to let everyone know about one of the hot penny stocks that’s overlooked: BWMG.

Shares in the penny stock of Brownie’s Marine Group Inc. (BWMG) opened at .075 yesterday trading enormous volume, 3.8 million, before closing at .058, a 34.88% gain from Friday’s close. The .075 level, although not the highest BWMG has hit in recent sessions, allowed us to sell the penny stock for a 3,650% profit. BWMG, d/b/a Brownie’s Third Lung, designs, tests, manufactures and distributes recreational hookah diving, yacht based scuba air compressor and Nitrox Generation Systems, and scuba and water safety products.

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BWMG Stock Chart / Analysis:

Market Cap: 4.02M
Shares Outstanding: 93.42M
Float: 65.02M
% Held by Insiders: 59.15%

Price/Sales: 1.82
Revenue: 2.21M
Qtrly Revenue Growth: 18.20%
Gross Profit: 502.00K

52-Week High
(5/20/2011): 0.2300
52-Week Low
(12/20/2011): 0.0011

Avg Vol (5 day): 954,220
Avg Vol (10 day): 528,547

As you can see on the chart above, RSI is still below 7o, PPS, Volume and MACD are all extremely bullish on BWMG making it show all the signs of a penny stock to buy.

BWMG announced yesterday, prior to the market open, strategic plans to further leverage their portfolio of Intellectual Property Rights which currently holds ten patents. The IPR of Brownie’s is also a party to numerous license agreements covering new technology it has developed.

The History of BWMG:

In the late 1960’s while Vietnam protests and bra-burning, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the protests led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were all taking place, a garage based business, started by the man I grew up knowing only as Mr. Brown, that made hookah diving systems was happening in South Florida. for Until the early 80’s, the business grew based out of a garage and a personal passion for scuba diving for tropical fish with as much freedom as possible.

Brownie’s Marine Group has since grown into a niche manufacturing and distribution Company with dive-oriented product classified into three categories:

  • Brownie’s Third Lung,
  • Brownie’s Tankfill, and
  • Brownie’s Public Safety

Brownie’s Marine Group serves middle income boat owners, higher income yacht owners, and recreational, military and public safety divers.

Note: If you had no clue, South Florida, Fort Lauderdale specifically, is known as the Venice of America with all of its inter-coastal waterways and thriving marine vessel ownership. The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is still one of the biggest boat shows held annually in the world.

Built on the passion that started the company, Brownie’s Marine Group strives for meticulous attention to detail and high quality product innovation. It is well known that, in the boat/diving industry, Brownie’s Marine Group is known as the industry standard for surface supplied “family” dive systems and Scuba Tankfill Systems for yacht diving.

Brownie’s Marine Group products and support services begin in shallow-water dive systems and extend into deep-water with mixed gas support systems for exploration divers and submersibles/submarines.

Note: BWMG holds numerous patents and has a dedicated product development and intellectual property program.

BWMG’s Brownie’s Third Lung hookah diving units were the very first product sold by Brownie’s Marine Group. It was a simple understanding Brownie’s Marine Group had at such an early stage of its business development that there was a need for tank filling systems and unique diving application. This realization was the catalyst for the addition of the two product categories:

  • Brownie’s Tankfill
  • Brownie’s Public Safety

BWMG‘s Brownie’s Tankfill designs, builds, and sells diving solutions from marine-ready tank filling compressors, Nitrox Makers, complete dive lockers, and full submarine support systems. BWMG‘s Brownie’s Public Safety features highly specialized diving gear for rescue and safety professionals and a unique automatic floatation device for body-armor that can also be integrated into foul weather jackets, traditional load bearing harnesses and other garments (GI-PFD).

BWMG Business and Sales Models:

• Brownie’s Third Lung hookah systems have long been a dominant figure in gasoline powered, high-performance, and feature rich hookah systems. Taking full advantage of the proprietary compressor system, a complete series of traditional “fixed speed” electric compressors were developed for the built-in-boat market in 2005. Prior to 2010, Brownie’s did not offer for sale a floating battery powered hookah due to the inadequate performance/runtime afforded by previous technology.

After years of inventing, testing and development, Brownie’s introduced multiple battery powered models in 2010 that are believed to provide performance and run-times as great as 300% better than the best devices currently on the market. BWMG‘s battery powered hookah system provides divers with gasoline-free all day shallow diving experiences. The multiple inventions incorporated into the development of this product will produce additional patents over the next few years.

Note: Brownie’s Marine Group has begun the patent application process.

• Brownie’s Tankfill designs, manufactures, sells and installs Scuba tank fill systems for on-board yacht use under the brand “Yacht-Pro”. Brownie’s Tankfill provides complete diving packages and dive training solutions for yachts. Brownie’s Tank Fill installs Nitrox systems which allow yacht owners to fill tanks on board. The Yacht-Pro compressor systems offer a completely marine-prepared, VFD (variable frequency drive)-driven, automated alternative to other compressors on the market.

Brownie’s Tankfill also designs complete dive lockers, mixed gas production and distribution systems, and the unique Nitrox Maker. Nitrox is oxygen-enriched air, which reduces the effects of nitrogen on divers.

Note: Nitrox is the industry standard for dive professionals.

The Nitrox Maker continuously generates the oxygen rich breathing gas directly from low-pressure air; no stored oxygen or other gases are required onboard. Brownie’s Marine Group believe a parallel product analogy to this device is the fresh water-maker that swept through the yachting industry over the last two-decades. While less yacht owners may opt for diving systems then fresh water-makers, there is a broad market potential for yacht owners that will want to have an uninterrupted supply of the premium breathing gas.

• Brownie’s Public Safety designs, manufactures, distributes, and sells the RES (Rapid Entry System)/ HELO system, a complete mini SCUBA system designed for quick water rescues. The HELO system can be donned in less than 60 seconds and stored in a briefcase-size padded bag.

Brownie’s Public Safety includes the GI-PFD (Garment Integrated Personal Flotation Device) System for body armor flotation. This system can reliably support the distressed or unconscious wearer in a true life-saving position. This patented device addresses a need as law-enforcement, coast guard and military personnel are beginning to wear heavy (life-threatening in the water) body armor during waterborne patrol, inspection, and surveillance missions. The system helps the personnel float in heavy armor, hopefully saving their lives. Multiple avenues of revenue generation are being explored for this unique product group in an effort to maximize value to BWMG.

To view the SEC filed 10-K for BWMG, click here. To visit their website, click here.

Bottom Line: This was one of the best personal penny stock picks made in nearly 7 months considering we could have sold out of BWMG at the 9 cent high last week which would have given us a profit of 4,400%. We still see BWMG just getting started and a long, prosperous road for the company and their shareholders.

Brownies Marine Group Inc., BWMG, is one of the “gotta have it” penny stocks to watch. It is so simple when you consider there are nearly as many scuba divers in South Florida as there are hot women. Add the fact that BWMG has been doing the same thing, just getting better at it, since the 60’s, and you’re looking at the niche market gold mine that makes millions for penny stock traders.


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