Hottest Penny Stock: Pershing Gold (PGLC) Nearly Doubles

It shouldn’t be a surprise that once again we made a point to alert penny stock traders before a stock’s incredible gains AGAIN. Pershing Gold Corp. (OTCBB: PGLC.OB) is skyrocketing through the first hour of trading up 23.57% at $0.865 on heavy volume; 3,449,971 shares traded.

PGLC has been as high as $0.938 today, a 99.57% gain since our Alert.

The name change from Sagebrush Gold to Pershing Gold took place weeks ago but the ticker symbol change from SAGE to PGLC is less than three days old and the penny stock is up 84.04% since our Alert.

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When a Billionaire like Dr. Phillip Frost gets behind a company, even is its secured notes and not common stock, wake the hell up and take notice. The Forbes List Billionaire has $5 million invested already and rumors are flying around that he is prepared to invest more into PGLC in the short-term.

PGLC announced yesterday their agreement with Victoria Gold Corp. to acquire mining claims which includes snaking some leaseholds that were owned by Newmont Mining Corp. (NYSE: NEM). This is just the beginning of much more to come from PGLC.

PGLC Technical Analysis:

  • Volume: Bullish
  • RSI: Bullish
  • MACD: Bullish
  • Money Flow Index: Bullish 

All the research you could possibly want to find on PGLC is located on our Monday PGLC Alert. This stock has historically been unrecognized by penny stock traders until the ticker symbol change. Billionaires don’t put their money or their name into a penny stock unless there is a safe, secure upside for them.

Bottom Line: If you haven’t earmarked PGLC as the hottest penny stock trading in the market yet, go to your inbox and cancel every single newsletter that is trying to send you out alerts on crap that trades $40,000 worth of stock in a day and emails you in the afternoon h0w they picked a 71.34% winner.

Successful penny stocks trading is trading a stock that goes up and is liquid. Who the hell wants to put $10, 000 or even $500 into a stock and find out the next day that they can’t sell it.

Add PGLC immediately if you haven’t already to your stock watch list.


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