How You Like Them Pingifiy International (PGFY) Apples?

PGFY Stock, PGFY Promotion, StockTips,Pingify International“#Ruined” was what some traders were whining about when posting comments about the penny stock of Pingify International Inc. (PGFY) because, like we always do, we broke the possible pick for well enough in advance that more than just paid subscribers to other sites could play it too. Bursting out like a bat out of hell on late Friday (like we said in our Friday alert it would do), PGFY stock took the lead position today on the OTC for most traded and refused to give up a dip for any shorters to reap a reward. Since a large portion of the 25,000,000 shares sold between July, 2012 and January, 2013 for $0.005 per share were passed along to those playing the pick, once again we’ve solidified that THIS IS the best place to get for free what others pay over $100 for (and sometimes still don’t get).

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Market Cap: 68.64M
Last: 1.37  ▲ +0.47 (+52.22%)
Volume: 22,291,629
Dollar Volume: $30,376,267
Open: 1.17
High: 1.74
Low: 1.12
Trades: 8,745
14-Day RSI: 67.87%
1st Resistance Point: 1.70
1st Support Level: 1.08
52Wk High: 1.74
52Wk Low: 0.195

Yes, after alerting traders to keep a close eye out on PGFY shares for an explosion one Friday too soon, #ruined was the commentary that went into the weekend prior thanks to a tweet we sent out and the publishing of our Pingify International article that many had to pay $100 or more on other sites to find out about. Having broken the news on several of Awesome Penny Stocks’ previous picks as well as a host of others that eventually got picked up for promotions, one would have to either be high on drugs or just a flat out crybaby to have thought years of planning and hundreds of hours of preparation would have all been discarded just because traders were made aware of a stock they couldn’t have purchased anyway until StockTips decided they were allowed to begin buying.

What many will fail to understand is that, unlike how Well Power, Inc. (WPWR) and Tiger Oil and Energy, Inc. (TGRO) were timed during peak promotional periods, PGFY was picked and has peaked during May, one of the worst times to be going long on a big budgeted promotion. Although the theory “sell in May and go away” can hardly be attached to teh OTC markets, even penny stock flippers have summer vacations and final exams which makes today’s “Awesome” momentum and support that much more of a risky hold heading into the next 4 days of this week.

So, if you were one of those who was patiently waiting for PGFY stock to begin trading on Friday and bought shares under 0.90, congratulations. From the dozens of emails received of guys who got in at under that, one even as low as 0.68, our guess is there was nothing #ruined about getting a jump on what was obviously going to be a huge Monday.

Heading into Tuesday, one can expect that Pingify International will be making an announcement of some sort to discuss their plans to monetize their “ping” technology which users of the app have had nothing but bad things to say about. In reality, the Company’s CEO, Jason Gray, who owns the 25,100,000 PGFY shares not being pumped and dumped by StockTips, can issue a PR stating how they are integrated with (fill in the blank) website, it won’t stop the eventual exchange of momentum when the shorts take over like they did during “power hour” today.

Therefore, for those who thought we #ruined PGFY, PGFY.

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About PGFY Stock

Pingify International, Inc. is a software technology start-up company focused on the development of computer software solutions.

Click here to view the SEC filings for PGFY.
Click here to view the website for Pingify International.

Authorized: 75,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 50,100,000

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
05/05/14 1.1700 1.7400 1.1200 1.3700 +0.4700 +52.22% 22,291,629
05/02/14 0.9300 1.0000 0.5000 0.9000 +0.6100 +210.34% 3,057,900
05/01/14 0.2800 0.3110 0.2600 0.2900 -0.2000 -40.82% 21,000
04/25/14 0.4900 0.4900 0.4900 0.4900 unch unch 2,600
04/24/14 0.4900 0.4900 0.4900 0.4900 unch unch 2,000


Bottom Line:

PGFY was far from a #ruined leak prior to the official announcement from StockTips on Friday as their newest pick. After the penny stock alerts were disseminated last night and chumps like the Research Driven Investor group piggybacked by sending alerts on it as well for a free win, shorts WILL win the war in terms of PGFY stock and it’s path towards $2. With so many variables that could throw a monkey wrench into what many believe is the greatest promotion since the demise of Awesome Penny Stocks, waiting it out for the big, crushing dip is the best plan unless you got in on Friday and are already riding “free shares.”

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