SMKY Stock | Can Smoky Market Foods Pull Another V?

Remember, remember the 15th of November, the share load, the price, and plot. No traders were maimed by the percentage gains and Smoky Market Foods (SMKY) has not been forgot. Could there be such a feat, for the shares to repeat by a Company that only smokes meat? In valiant style, there was no denial for those who invested in SMKY stock. They all had a smile, those who held for a while since it never dropped like a rock.

Guy Fawkes Day may be November 5th, but from November 15, 2010 to August 1, 2011, SMKY stock climbed a slow and steady pace from 0.005 to 0.32, spiking to 0.89, offering 17,700% in gains at the spike. Without any true dips along the way, the shares peaked out, less the August 1 spike, on August 29th at 0.50, a gain of 9,900% over a 9 1/2 month period.

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SMKY, Smoky Market FoodsSMKY Stock Chart

Friday Close: 0.034, up 21.43%
Volume: 543,233
Dollar Volume: $16,014
Authorized: 200,000,000
Outstanding: 108,292,789

Laugh if you must at the dollar volume from Friday. However, that was actually an abnormally high volume trading session for the makers of Smoke-Baked™ salmon and kosher meat products. That may soon change with rumors of the Smoky Kosher subsidiary line being ready for launch and their 10-Q filing last week that proves they can sell some food through their SYSCO Iowa distribution deal, $2,188 and $7,378 for the three and six months ended June 30, 2012 respectively.

Smoky Market can smoke a minimum of 100,000 pounds of meat and fish a month. They’re currently producing a very limited amount of smoked food, specifically smoked salmon. The plan is to expand production of additional items and grow sales into multiple channels of foodservice and retail grocery distribution principally under the Smoky Market brand with a certified kosher line of smoked foods and even a national chain of fast-casual barbecue restaurants under the name “BarBQ Diner” that would operate without having to handle and cook raw product on site.

Share volume, however, will remain an issue for the users of  proprietary, custom-engineered, USDA-approved wood-burning oven technology to produce a complete line of fully-cooked Smoke-Baked™ meat and fish, and special recipe dishes. Why? Because it is said that there are only 9 million shares in the float. Should that float begin to see some heavy bidding, say good-bye to the under-a-dime level for this savory penny stock. Rumor has it of a 7 digit financing deal is in the works which could catapult their business plans into a working model.

Marketing Strategy Tip: When you want to do these product and restaurant launch, get Cheech and Chong to squash their feud and reconcile as the spokespersons for Smoky Market.

Catch phrase: These dudes smoke better than we ever did!

About SMKY Stock

Smoky Market Foods, Inc. engages in the manufacture and sale of smoked meat products using a proprietary cooking technology which enables preservative-free production. Sales and distribution are presently accommodated through retail (on-line) and wholesale distribution strategies intended to exploit the Smoky Market brand with plans to create a chain of franchised restaurants that also utilize the branded Smoky Market products.

SEC filings here for SMKY.

Bottom Line: Remember, remember to plan your trade and trade your plan when looking at hot penny stocks. For soon comes the day of the new APS play which be just another batch of bollocks. Put SMKY on your list to be watched and curb your gain expectations. For a small dollar trade and shares tucked away could lead to APS loss reconciliations.

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