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2013 StampHappy New Year? You bet your ass it is. The Fiscal Cliff woes, like we have been telling everyone of our VIP members, was all a bunch of “fluff” that was doing nothing more but creating buying opportunities on big board stocks. The end of the world with the Mayan calendar predictions went up in flames just ike the Y2K bug and traders who didn’t pull out saw 6 triple digit winners in the last three weeks from us. 2013 is going to be even better!

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Our Top 3 2012 Penny Stock Alerts


Cannabis Science (CBIS) → 1,100% gain
Peregrine Pharmaceuticals (PPHM) → 1,281% gain
Bebida Beverage (BBDA) → 1,143% gain

Only 3? Is That All?

More than 80 of the penny stocks we covered doubled in price
More than 25 of the penny stocks we covered more than tripled in price

With only 3 of our pennys tock alerts in 2012 surpassing the 10-bagger level, we at AimHighProfits are focused on making 2013 a massive improvement on that bringing better upside stocks at earlier times so you, our readers, subscribers and VIP members can bank bigger coin. That you can count on!

One thing our most successful followers note is that subscribing to our RSS feed made a huge impact on their portfolio’s since we frown on sending out each and every day.

In 2013 we will looking forward to opening up a chat room for non-VIP members, discussing whether a forum and video updates are worth the time and efforts, but more importantly, bringing the biggest breakout penny stocks to you before the rest of the market knows about them.

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From all of us here at AimHighProfits, party your ass off tonight to celebrate the end of 2012 and the begiining of the best year ever for penny stock traders, 2013. If party means to have a nice quiet dinner with your family or to play your XBox 360 all night, do it in style!

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