REDG | No Entertainment Left In The Failed Red Giant Pump

REDG Stock, OTC REDG, Red Giant Entertainment Inc., REDG scam,Failing to leap past the 20 cent mark during their 12 day failed bound, Victory Mark’s Red Giant Entertainment, Inc. (REDG) set a new low today. With a last minute attempt to reinforcing the strength of the comic books juice by issuing very good news last night about printing costs being near-cost for their upcoming circulatory, REDG stock failed to make it remotely close to the price comic books cost when they first came out roughly 60 years ago. With Friday not looking very promising for the kool aid drinkers who still can’t get off how well Pac West Equities (PWEI) did, it’s time to put that big fat “F” on the score sheet and move on.

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Market Cap: 13.92M
Last: 0.032 ( -0.015 (-31.91%)
Volume: 19,673,812
Dollar Volume: $689,152
Open: 0.042
High: 0.047
Low: 0.03
Trades: 557
1st Support Level: 0.0257
2nd Support Level: 0.0193

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Too many shares, not enough juice sugar in the kool aid, and having been attacked by David Farber are three of the excuses floating around as to why REDG stock has been a complete disaster for those who did not flip it the first week. The good news is that the share price is of no importance to Red giant Entertainment as a Company since, as we mentioned before, they are already established in their little niche of the comic book industry and are likely to get some digital media work in the future.

The week began with an optimistic view towards a bounce play on REDG stock after a massive comeback on Friday, bouncing back for gains of roughly 100%. Only seasoned traders who are skilled at playing the bounce and reading the movements of market makers manipulating the bid/ask price were lucky enough to be able to get the entry and exit positions needed to bank some coin.

Red Giant announced Monday that they had already begun to take orders for advertising space in their upcoming, revolutionary new print comic book line. Pre-selling the space was already leaked out when the Company attended last July’s Comic-Con International: San Diego, the nation’s largest comics and pop culture convention. Plans are for circulation to soon begin for up to one million copies each week on traditional paper form.

Many of you who have kids in or out of college would be old enough to remember those advertisements for “Sea Monkeys” and the magic gags you could order for like 99¢ that were in all the comic books back in the 80’s. Those one page advertisements were key to helping Marvel and DC Comics to get their artists renderings of “Save the Cheerleader” out and into those “want some candy little boy” stores scattered around small-town U.S.A.

In the recent PR issuances, Red Giant’s COO, David Campiti, has been very enthusiastic in his quotations about the Company’s current production plans and distribution goals. With the Company slated to produce 4 monthly books and 1 quarterly comic, with a circulation of one million each, total annual circulation is expected to reach 52 million. Coupled together with an on-going agreement with Active Media Printing to provide exclusive, near-cost printing and logistics services, there is little to doubt for the future of the Company.

Best case scenario long-term is that REDG goes to sub penny land in the next couple of days and lays around dormant for a few months. Eventually, a massive reverse stock split on REDG is implemented, probably before the 10-K for fiscal 2013 or 2014 is unveiled. From there, it trades like any other real company on the OTC markets and becomes nothing more than a bad memory of a failed Victory Mark.

About REDG Stock

Red Giant Entertainment Inc. is focused on becoming a beacon in the comic book industry and actively developing their characters into other media such as movies, video games, television, novels, toys, apparel, applications, etc. through either direct production or licensing agreements.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
03/14/13 0.0320 -0.0150 -31.91% 19,673,811
03/13/13 0.0470 -0.0070 -12.96% 11,035,000
03/12/13 0.0540 -0.0280 -34.15% 16,986,699
03/11/13 0.0820 -0.0080 -8.89% 7,959,200
03/08/13 0.0900 +0.0080 +9.76% 20,038,900


Bottom Line: With Thursday being the 4th trading session to end red and little to no support coming from VM, its past the bed time already for REDG stock and time for the optimists to remove it from the list of penny stocks to watch like we warned about in the beginning. VM has provided long failure after long failure which has them slated to be the three-day rally makers on the OTC for those who can’t wait for them to issue another new pick.

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