UPZS | Unique Pizza Joins The Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded

Who ordered the large Stromboli with the side order of pepperoni sticks? Whoever it was not only has some pretty aggressive breathe, but they may have also caused the penny stock of Unique Pizza & Subs Corp. (UPZS) to nearly 10-bag this week – and its only Tuesday morning! UPZS stock has jumped as much as 672% since the open on Monday on not so much as a tweet about any new store openings or inaugural revenues. Having had just $740 int the bank on March 31, 2013 and plans to open up to 25 Pizza Fusion locations throughout the United Arab Emirates, its presence on the top 10 traded penny stocks is being noticed by more than just a couple of hungry traders.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded as of 10:35AM

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
XUII 0.3487 -5.50% 4,145,478 10,748,335 1,459
AFFY 1.72 +13.16% 3,546,934 2,083,195 946
SOUL 1.43 +21.19% 2,056,201 1,593,746 740
FNMA 1.55 +0.65% 6,344,613 4,054,148 663
KVPHQ 0.6912 -1.94% 1,175,593 1,587,189 491
LQMT 0.1449 -11.38% 870,082 5,825,407 449
PMCM 0.005 -12.28% 250,563 49,749,408 282
SEEK 0.0012 0.00% 148,803 113,444,183 276
FMCC 1.46 +1.39% 1,033,689 707,952 225
UPZS 0.01 +143.90% 75,680 8,567,498 193

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Unique Pizza was supposed to be closing a deal with Pizza Fusion, a Boca Raton, Florida based, all-natural pizza restaurant chain offering fresh, natural, and healthier foods at its eco-friendly locations worldwide. News of the merger has been out since August, 2012 and UPZS had dropped from 0.13 on August 24, 2012 to as low as 0.0016 yesterday.

While UPZS stock is surging now after bottoming out like a lowrider on a speed bump, another pizza company we loved when we initiated coverage on them in September, 2012, Noble Roman’s Inc. (NROM) set another new 52 week high today at $1.47, up 0.77 (110%) since.

On the downside, Awesome Penny Stocks’ Xumanii pump appears to, once again, have gotten the metaphorical fork stuck in it. Told to buy XUII stock before it triples last night and then told to buy it before it quadruples today in their alerts issued after the open, air is leaking out as we approach the end of 3 complete months, May, June and July, since the XUII stock pump began.

Other than the obvious, the thought that Apple Inc. and LiquidMetal Technologies joint patent filing which occurred just after rumors of the new iPhone and then iWatch to be created with the harder than metal material, LQMT stock has settled down quite a bit from its attempts to stay above 0.20.

Even when LQMT stock is trading at under a dime again, traders who fail to read the SEC filings will still think they are going to have a life changing profit when the next gadget is released by the tech giants.

About UPZS Stock

Unique Pizza & Subs Corp. is a development stage company engaged in ownership, operation, franchising, and conversions of pizza and sub shops in the United States.

Click here to view the financial filings for UPZS at OTCMarkets.
Click here to view the website for Unique Pizza and Subs.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change Volume
07/29/13 0.0041 +0.0023 +127.78% 3,967,700
07/26/13 0.0018 -0.0001 -5.26% 6,000
07/25/13 0.0019 -0.0001 -5.00% 189,500
07/24/13 0.0020 -0.0001 -4.76% 9,000
07/23/13 0.0021 -0.0002 -8.70% 114,785


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Bottom Line:

UPZS stock proves that PR means absolutely nothing when it comes to trading penny stocks. 650% gains in less than 2 trading sessions, UPZS could actually become a 10-bagger before the week ends when XUII stock is likely to be trading at under 0.25.

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