FARE | The World Moto Meter Is Running — Buy, Sell Or Hold?

FARE Stock, FARE stock Price, World Moto, World Moto Stock, World Moto ThailandIt’s been a year now since the penny stock world got to know about Harry and the anomaly of a long term run on a Company which had nothing in its wheelhouse but PR, hard mailers and email alerts. Yep, a year ago was when North Springs Resources (NSRS) began its 29 trading session run from $0.14 to $1.72, a profit of 1,128.57% for anyone who timed it perfectly (which was no one). Now, nine days after committing to World Moto, Inc. (FARE), after abandoning Superior Venture Corp. (SVEN) in as many trading sessions, there was finally a show of life on Friday. Closing the year out tomorrow, is FARE stock really one of the penny stocks for 2013 or has Awesome Penny Stocks fallen from their throne as “A” listers?

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Market Cap: 23.25M
Close: 0.1585 0.0374 (30.88%)
Volume: 37,273,173
Dollar Volume: $5,198,613
High: 0.16
Low: 0.1125
Trades: 2,945
Average Trade Size: 12,656

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The strategy the APS crew is touting to use on FARE stock goes as follows:

“A buy and hold strategy is typically how mid to long term investors can make the biggest gains in the stock market. That is also why the largest gains that our members saw in the past with our picks have been the one that investors held on to their shares.”

A) No one has the guts to “buy and hold” anymore since the Vision Plasma Systems (VLNX) scam which APS fleeced tens of millions from traders with and B) they can’t support a stock long enough anymore since, as traders saw with SVEN, TAGG and PRTN, caveat emptor designation is handed out like Halloween candy by the authorities, mostly for issuing press releases and not filing an 8-K with the SEC to indicate it was done.

Although FARE stock rallied from around 11AM Friday up until the close, if the recent PR is what is going to push the hype behind the asset-less Company whose Moto Meter got all of its “rave reviews” more than a year ago, then prepare for Great Wall Builders (GWBU) type fluff. Having lived in both Thailand and Spain, motorcycle taxi’s in and around S.E. Asia — period. It’s 3°C, 37°F, in Madrid right now and won’t be getting warmer until April. Can you think of anyone other than a frigging polar bear that would be willing to get on the back of a non-existent motorcycle taxi in that kind of weather when heated buses  subways, trains and automobile taxi’s are readily accessible in a city made for walking? S.E. Asia sure where it’s 90°F at night, but not Spain or anywhere else in Europe.

Tell me World Moto is expanding into nearby Indonesia where former President Tommy Suharto mandated that every family of a certain size must own a motorcycle. His son was the importer of all motorcycles into the country and his daughter was the importer of all helmets into the country. There’s over 230 million people living there and they’re in the top 20 for GDP, $1.124 trillion according to 2011 estimates. Oh, but FARE stock isn’t being pumped in boiler rooms to Indonesians, it being hammered to Europeans in the form of A1J8SY who are bundled up in their snow covered homes and offices where they have no one to talk to.

At the end of the day, it’s a great technology which may one day make a change to Thailand society since they have slowly converted from the corruption infused policies that were in place 10 years ago. The wheel advertising thing just isn’t going to happen — ever — because NASCAR would already have it if it was an option. While FARE stock is showing signs of life heading into the last trading session of 2012, The Cubs have a better chance of winning “a” world series in this decade than FARE has of hitting anything with a cannon shot of $1.

About FARE Stock

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
12/28/12 0.1585 +0.0374 +30.88% 37,273,102
12/27/12 0.1211 -0.0419 -25.71% 46,667,602
12/26/12 0.1630 +0.0340 +26.36% 28,397,100
12/24/12 0.1290 +0.0211 +19.56% 5,946,100
12/21/12 0.1079 -0.0131 -10.83% 13,814,800

Bottom Line: APS’s promoted FARE stock might just be the most dangerous penny stock to be long on at present. To think that you have to go to their website every 15 minutes to check and see if the banner is still being displayed showingFARE IS OUR WINNING PICK OF THE MONTH!” makes doing anything other day trading it a routine similar to polishing all the pieces of your Swiss army knife each day from 9:30AM until 4PM.

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