Penny Stocks to Watch Today | XUII, LQMT, NYXO, INNO

Two of the top penny stocks this week are entering Friday’s session headed in opposite directions while two new penny stocks are hitting trader’s radar screens off issued alerts. Xumanii (XUII) is going to try to retain its momentum as it surprisingly set a new high at 0.46 since Awesome Penny Stocks promised that, although they previously pulled heir support, you will make money on XUII stock or they will retire.

On the flip side of the coin, those who fell for the hype on Liquidmetal Technologies Inc. (LQMT) perhaps getting some huge contract or boost because of rumored links to new iPhone from Apple Inc. (AAPL) felt the despair yesterday as shares not only opened lower, but closed well below the open price of 0.1482. Shares of LQMT closed down 0.09, -42.9%, from their high on Wednesday.

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Two penny stocks which will be new to many traders today are those of Nyxio Technologies Corporation (NYXO) and Innocap, Inc. (INNO), a company which we profiled a couple of weeks ago at 0.35.

While NYXO stock looks to be a typical gap a trap after closing down -0.01 (-20.00%), after closing at 0.04, the 60,305,631 shares issued and outstanding should see about 5% of that amount traded during today’s session. News was released pre-market that the innovative manufacturer of cutting edge Smart TVs and consumer electronics devices, announced today they have received their first purchase order from retail giant Adorama. The company had previously booked $6,065 in revenues during Q1.

The hidden treasure today could come from INNO stock which, as Ron Goldman of the Goldman Research Report pointed out, has a great story that has broad appeal among public and private investors and appears poised to now become a great stock. Just last week the marine exploration company specializing in research and development of ocean recovery projects announced they wee preparing to commence salvage operations of a shipwreck from the Ming Dynasty located off the coast of the Philippines which is thought to contain a cargo of Chinese porcelain reportedly worth millions.

Don’t you just love Fridays!

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Bottom Line:

The week won’t be ending on Thursday like many other weeks have and traders should have these 4 penny stocks on their radars pre-market. The dump is due to come soon on XUII and recovery efforts for LQMT are falling by the wayside as traders realize their is no new money coming if Apple does produce a Liquidmetal casing on the new phones. NYXO should gap and trade flat for the remainder of the session while INNO should be interesting, especially if dollar volume fails to exceed $100,000 before the close.

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