SEFE | You Know Its A Bad Session When SEFE Is Green

SEFE Stock, SEFE scam, SEFE shares, SEFE stock price, SEFE buyIts pretty pathetic when you think about it that, as of 1:30PM, the only friggin OTC listed stock in the top 50 traded that has double digit gains is Sefe Inc. (SEFE). You got slobbering message board whores crushing the “Buy your SVEN stock now before it goes to 0.40 – 0.60 next week” and your marijuana news flowing on how PHOT, CBIS, HEMP and MJNA are all going to reap massive benefits from the new cannabis laws. Despite all of that and the $400,000 penny stock newsletters received today for awareness campaigns, the old #2Flusher, POS, turn air into electricity focused SEFE stock is the percentage gain leader of the top 50? $@*! me running.

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Market Cap:
Last: 0.12, up 0.0150 (14.29%)
Volume: 872,389
Dollar Volume: $107,827
High: 0.14
Low: 0.105
Trades: 161
Average Trade Size: 5,418

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What a preposterous way to spend Thursday. Seriously, instead of trading penny shares today and waiting for Superior Ventures to dip so traders could pounce on some SVEN cheapies, waiting for TBX to let the pig out of the pen to make up for their jail-rape from VKMD (was VKML and is now back to VKML), today would have been better spent giving a hornet a manicure or brushing the teeth of a llama.

Sure, there were some intraday gains on some stocks like LifeTech Industries Inc. (LTCH) and even the first few minutes of Dragon Polymers Inc. (DRAG). However, for some bullish run going into the last few trading sessions of the year after the kick off party to end November began with much anticipated AS pick, today feels like those idiots who were standing in a department store on Black Friday before the sun came up asking themselves “Why the hell am I here?”

Since most of us have the flu around the AHP control center, today would have been more fun squinting at all of the out of town license plates that bring their germs to South Florida at this time of the year and pretending to squash them like a bug. That or triple the dosage of this cough medicine that, coincidentally, was not next to a bottle of Clotamin at the South Florida Walgreens where it was purchased from.

About SEFE Stock

SEFE, Inc., an alternative energy company, engages in developing, producing, and selling atmospheric energy technology.  The pump on SEFE stock ended months ago.

Bottom Line: We know penny stocks and today just flat out sucked for anyone looking for action.

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