Top Penny Stocks Traded: Reds Beating Greens 8 to 5

The top penny stocks traded are, once again, led by the notorious Great Wall Builders Ltd. (GWBU) stock pump. GWBU stock price has topped out at $1.76 so far in today’s trading session on volume of just barely over one million shares. The pathetic performance of this recent APS promotion which started at $1.22 has failed to attract investors like SNPK, NSRS and AMWI did. Let’s hope they fair better with what appears to be the obvious successor to GWBU, Georgetown Corp. (GTCP).

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Top Penny Stocks Traded Mid Day Update

Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
GWBU 1.68 -2.89% 1,732,615 1,015,112 686
YIPI 0.61 -46.49% 1,202,847 1,763,552 666
LUXR 1.11 -9.02% 856,657 759,393 454
AGRT 0.199 +24.38% 535,578 2,656,982 369
IDNG 4.30 +2.87% 2,149,533 504,957 342
BBDA 0.0009 0.00% 244,969 250,926,983 310
ENTB 0.0136 +15.25% 148,670 9,904,697 309
TLFX 0.09 +7.14% 274,356 2,883,696 286
APRE 0.058 +45.00% 209,807 3,856,964 276
GBGM 0.286 -18.29% 261,122 856,753 259
ATRN 0.0232 -42.00% 198,155 7,213,892 238
LBGO 0.905 -13.81% 736,453 683,593 232
SNPK 0.06 -6.25% 107,742 1,827,173 168
SEFE 0.2282 -8.72% 116,135 504,274 146

A couple of fresh names appear on the mid-day top penny stocks traded board.  Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) and Entest Biomedical, Inc. (ENTB). We will do full profiles on them to see if they warrant any attention other than today’s activity. Aperture Health (APRE) stock gapped up at 0.70 on the open like we warned about and hasn’t come close to returning which makes the early birds Angry Birds.

Two other losers are trailing top penny stocks traded leader Great Wall Builders: Yippy Inc. (YIPI) and LuxeYard Inc. (LUXR). YIPI stock and the stock of Atrinsic Inc. (ATRN) are actually in competition for the biggest loser on the list.  If you ever get depressed, go read the message board of ATRN on iHub and you’ll soon see that your life is not so bad.

Bottom Line: These penny stocks are the active ones today, but other than the top three, AGRT, IDNG, and GBGM, none warrant much attention other than today. Keep a close eye out on GWBU stock making a late run today. The promo began on the 15th of May and their last two, SNPK and NSRS failed to run past 30 trading days.

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