SLTD | Solar 3D Sparks Trading Rally With Update From CEO

SLTD stock, Solar 3D Inc., Solar 3D stock, cheap solar energy stocksWhen trading penny stocks, anomalies are always popping up creating a bigger faux paus than any analysis is worth trying to understand. Tuesday’s victim was Solar3D Inc. (SLTD) which saw a spark of trading after a 2013 commercialization plan was announced prior to the market opening. While it doesn’t appear that SLTD stock will be making a return to the top 10 penny stocks traded list anytime soon, the fact that it was able to rank among the plethora of promotional activity going on was worth at ;least as much face time here as the developer of a breakthrough 3-dimensional solar cell technology received on Bloomberg TV in October.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
SVEN 0.2491 -19.39% 7,715,748 30,974,618 3,439
PFNI 0.42 +20.00% 9,496,670 24,197,529 1,863
PBCW 0.152 -10.06% 2,767,794 17,180,618 1,737
NGRC 0.919 +27.64% 2,392,776 2,855,774 974
AONEQ 0.0675 -15.62% 1,154,882 17,546,772 746
BBDA 0.006 +66.67% 771,363 149,299,092 675
AMBS 0.0288 +52.38% 553,615 21,952,478 660
TAGG 0.038 -14.61% 294,447 7,473,078 545
MJNA 0.10 +20.48% 926,195 10,563,775 539
SLTD 0.035 -5.41% 251,533 5,955,399 445

SLTD Stock Structure

Market Cap: 4.78M
Authorized: 550,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 136,640,260

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With one full time employee, James B. Nelson, Director, CEO, President, and Interim CFO, addressed the public early Tuesday in a PR stating “The U.S. is in a global battle for dominance of solar energy, the fastest growing market in the world.” Nelson later continued saying “We cannot compete head to head with China by manufacturing similar products and hope to win, because they have a much stronger strategic position in manufacturing. However, we agree with Energy Secretary Stephen Chu’s assertion that the key to global competitiveness is our ability to innovate. We believe that it is innovative products, like the Solar3D cell, that will secure our long term position in the U.S. solar industry, which will one day be the most lucrative market in the world.”

The efforts Nelson mentions in regards to “securing their long position” may depend heavily on their newest proof-of-concept prototype of Solar 3D’s innovative solar cell, a 9D technology. While the preliminary performance exceeded management’s expectations, initial tests showed the Solar3D Cell outperforming a basic solar cell by producing 250% of the power of the basic cell. While that is a wonderful advancement for our grandchildren’s grandchildren, assuming we all survive December 21, the today factor was all about SLTD stock which is trading just 75% above its 52 week high set back on August 31.

The revenues of Solar 3D are like many other solar focused companies: non-existent. Thus, the cause for SLTD landing on the list of the top 10 penny stocks traded was strictly from the momentum created by Nelson’s address to the Solar 3D nation and not some massive contract agreement with the provincial town of Ugulandtoha int he mountain province of Surinam or something.  This is promising since it proves that SLTD stock could be a good PR bingo player in the sessions to come, assuming the Mayans had it all wrong.

About SLTD Stock

Solar 3D, Inc. is focused on the acquisition, development, and commercialization of new proprietary technology to significantly increase the efficiency and energy production of solar photovoltaic cells that are currently offered in the market and that may be developed in the future. The Company recently applied for patents covering a novel nine-dimensional solar cell technology that is designed to maximize the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Click here to view the SEC filings for SLTD.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
12/03/12 0.0370 +0.0021 +6.02% 138,000
11/30/12 0.0349 +0.0019 +5.76% 78,500
11/29/12 0.0330 +0.0010 +3.12% 3,000
11/28/12 0.0320 unch unch 87,200
11/27/12 0.0320 -0.0079 -19.80% 144,800

Bottom Line: ‘Tis the season for penny stocks and those traders holding the top 4 penny stocks traded, SVEN, PFNI, PBCW and/or NGRC, are in for a jolly holiday season. One ticker you can expect to see onthe list come Wednesday will be that of USA Graphite Corp. (USGT) as an awareness campaign kicked off late Tuesday evening which has had some positive results on previous promotions.

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