Tuesday’s Top Penny Stocks Sends Many Traders To Sizzler

We goin’ to Sizzler! We goin’ to Sizzler! The top penny stocks traded on Tuesday may have been led by Great Wall Builders Ltd. (GWBU) stock, as usual, but gains, and losses, were aplenty with some massive percentage swings.

The 5 groups goin’ to Sizzler for steak dinner include Converted Organics (COIN), AGR Tools/Energy (AGRT), SEFE, Liquidmetal Technologies (LQMT) and Yippy (YIPI). 5 other groups were sent home packing which incude Global Gaming International (GBGM), LuxeYard (LUXR), Entest Biomedical (ENTB) and Omni Ventures (OMVE) bag-holders can all join the support group at the Atrinsic (ATRNQ) message boards as they have been holding since the $1 plus levels when ATRN was Nasdaq listed last year.

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Tuesday’s Top Penny Stocks sorted by Most Trades

Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
GWBU 1.54 -9.41% 7,438,322 4,649,385 1,787
LQMT 0.362 +24.83% 2,856,446 8,394,035 1,068
IDNG 4.60 +5.75% 10,016,842 2,220,856 984
LUXR 0.845 -23.18% 1,962,382 2,078,466 942
GBGM 0.065 -65.83% 767,992 9,084,652 847
AGRT 0.36 +46.94% 1,293,821 4,522,127 680
ENTB 0.0175 -22.22% 385,794 18,495,531 645
COIN 0.012 +62.16% 350,897 35,960,901 544
OMVE 0.145 -22.46% 575,012 3,585,366 520
YIPI 0.67 +15.52% 659,923 1,002,329 398
SEFE 0.349 +45.42% 381,333 1,215,038 325
ATRNQ 0.0105 -52.27% 123,979 9,383,539 302
ACTC 0.069 -1.71% 529,692 7,514,418 301

The two oil and gas stocks on the list, Independence Energy (IDNG) and AGR Energy Holdings (AGRT) have been capitalizing on the move for onshore drilling. IDNG, up $2.50 (119%) since our alert, will be effecting their 5:1 stock split soon which will bring some major trading activity to the penny shares. AGRT is already experiencing that having had its 3rd consecutive day in the green column after dropping nearly -75% from June 7th to the 14th.

Nasdaq Penny Stock Alert:

Galena Biopharma, Inc. (Nasdaq: GALE) closed at $1.58, up 0.29 (22.48%) on volume of 7,831,922 shares. We last noted how Wall Street analysts at Cantor Fitzgerald issued a “buy” rating and a price target of $4.00 for GALE stock on June 4th.

Bottom Line: These penny stocks should be on every swing traders screen tomorrow looking for dips on the gainers and momentum building on the losers. ATRNQ and ACTC can be avoided as these two have but one direction to go and they are already headed there.

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